Friday, June 19, 2015

More on the Four-Mile Inn at Old World Wisconsin

I've written quite a bit about the Four-Mile Inn in Burnett, Dodge County, Wisconsin on Genea-Musings - my 3rd great-grandfather built it in 1853, and my 2nd great-grandfather, Devier J. Smith, lived in it as a young man.  My great-grandmother, Abbie Ardell (Smith) Carringer was probably born in it and lived in it for the first five years of her life.  I've visited the remodeled inn now standing in Old World Wisconsin, a living history museum.

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I was watching Lisa Louise Cooke's presentation at SCGS Jamboree 2015 about "Google Tools & Procedures for Solving Family History Mysteries" and she noted Google Scholar and running your Google searches every so often.

I did a Google search for ["ranslow smith" four mile inn dodge ] and was rewarded by a link to a high school student's web page about working in the kitchen of the Four-Mile Inn at Old World Wisconsin.  

There are links to a page about a Stagecoach Inn, a Boarding House, and her Experience working in the building at Old Wisconsin in 2008.  

Well done, Sophie Newhouse.  You added a bit more to my knowledge about the life and times of Ranslow Smith.  

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Judith Ross said...

There is an interesting series of mystery stories by Kathleen Ernst featuring Chloe Ellefson, supposedly a curator at Old World Wisconsin.