Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tuesday's Tip - Cemetery Record Collections on FamilySearch

This week's Tuesday's Tip is:  Check out the Cemetery record collections on FamilySearch.

There are 31 historical record collections on FamilySearch with "Cemetery" in the title (3 screens, some overlap) - note that you have to put the word "cemetery" in the search field:

There are also 3 historical record collections with the word "grave" in their title:

These collections are all FREE to access.

The largest indexed collection is the Find A Grave Index, with over 124 million records.  The Billion Graves Index has over 12 million entries now.

There are other smaller indexed collections, including:

*  Maine, Nathan Hale Cemetery Collection, ca. 1780-1980 (356,698 indexed records)

*  Ohio, Cleveland Cemetery Interment Records, 1824-2001 (346,248 indexed records)

*  Saskatchewan Cemetery Transcripts, ca 1850-1994 (164,737 indexed records)

There are quite a few collections that have record images but are not indexed.  Some examples;

*  California Cemetery Inscriptions, 1850-1960 (17,138 images) - for 18 counties

*  District of Columbia, Glenwood Cemetery Records, 1854-2013 ( 52,042 images)

*  Illinois Cemetery Inscriptions, 1853-2009 (5,040 images)

*  Utah, Salt Lake city Cemetery Records, 1847-1976 (70,504 images)

If you are missing gravestone information for your ancestors, searching these historical record collections may provide useful information.

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