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Elizabeth Blanchard and Frederick Blanchard Death Notices on GenealogyBank - UPDATED

This morning's Mondays With Myrt Hangout on Air highlighted military veterans, especially those who were in our extended families.  I discussed my first cousin twice removed, Kenneth Blanchard (1891-1918), whom I never knew.  I highlighted two of my earlier posts which were found essentially by luck:

*  The "Forrest Gump Principle of Genealogy Research" strikes again (posted 18 December 2008).

*  Amanuensis Monday: "Tribute Paid to Hero's Worth" - Kenneth L. Blanchard (posted 30 May 2011)

I also posted Tombstone Tuesday - the Blanchards on 16 December 2008 having found the gravestones of Frederick and Elizabeth Blanchard.

I checked my database to see if I had a newspaper obituary or death notice for Frederick G. Blanchard (1847-1926) and Elizabeth L. (Seaver) Blanchard (1859-1914).  Elizabeth is my great-grandaunt, the sister of my great-grandfather, Frank Walton Seaver (1852-1922).

I found a death notice for Elizabeth Blanchard in the 11 March 1914 issue of the San Diego Tribune newspaper on GenealogyBank:

I transcribed the death notice today:

Mrs. Elizabeth L. Blanchard, wife of F.G. Blanchard, died last evening at 8 o'clock at her home on Nineteenth street, near D avenue, after a serious illness of sixteen weeks.  She was the mother of Frederick T. Blanchard,, of Berkeley, Cal., and Laurence C. and Kenneth L. Blanchard of National City.  She was formerly of Massachusetts, coming to National City about 25 years ago.  She was 54 years of age.  The announcement of funeral services will be made later by Johnson, Connell and Saum.

This death notice gave me a death date, which I subsequently found in the California Death Index, 1905-1939 on


I received an email from Peter who sent me an image for Frederick Blanchard's death notice in the San Diego Evening Tribune, dated 29 January 1926:

The death notice reads:

BLANCHARD, FREDERICK G. -- Jan. 28, 1926, aged 78 years.

Reader Kathy did a broader search than I did - she searched all of California with the names, year 1926, and no keywords.  I used a keyword entry of "national city" because I couldn't think of that being left out.  A dumb error.  Thanks, Kathy!

I searched for an obituary or death notice for her husband, Frederick G. Blanchard, who died 27 January 1926 in National City.  I did not find one, even though I tried some of Kenneth Marks' "tricks" like using only part of a name in case the name was hyphenated.  I also tried just a first name and the words "died" or "passed" as a keyword.

\Oh well - I am happy I found Elizabeth's notice, and perhaps I'll run across more information about Frederick at another time.  and disappointed that Frederick didn't have a real obituary to memorialize his life.

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