Friday, December 4, 2015

My Legacy Family Tree Colors

On the Legacy User's Group on Facebook, Michele Simmons Lewis challenged the group to show the colors of their Legacy Family Tree Version 8 screens.

I was waiting for a GEDCOM to load on another website, so I changed my colors (from the "Options" tab and the "Change Colors" button), both text colors and background colors for each field.

Here is my "Family" View screen:

I also color coded my ancestors, and my wife's, using the 8 color great-grandparents option.  Here is my "Pedigree" View screen:

As you can see, the only one that isn't easily readable is the 4th one down for Julie E. White.

I like pastel colors, but this may be a bit much.  I will try it for awhile and probably change it again.

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