Tuesday, December 1, 2015

RootsMagic Released - Adds Standard Place Name to FamilySearch Family Tree Profiles

I received an email today from RootsMagic that describes the improvement made in the latest Version (

"We have released a new minor update for RootsMagic 7 users, version  This update addresses a recent problem when adding people or events to FamilySearch Family Tree.  When an event is transferred to Family Tree, RootsMagic will now provide a "standardized" version of the place as well as the original place you have entered in your database.  This should eliminate the "Missing Standardized Place" errors you have been seeing on the FamilySearch site for events you add."

I downloaded the update and installed it.

That is good news...but I've already added data for over 8,000 persons using RootsMagic and have about 12,000 of these "Missing Standardized Place" notifications in FamilySearch Family Tree.  I fear the change is not retroactive.

So does it work?  Here is the FamilySearch Family Tree profile for Jonathan White (27PM-TZW)  before the RootsMagic update:

Note over on the right side of the screen above, in the "Research Help" section, that there are three items in the "Data Problems" area - "Missing Standardize Birthplace," "Death Place" and "Marriage Place."

After I installed the RootsMagic update, the "FamilySearch Person Tools" screen, with the Marriage Fact highlighted and choosing to "Replace in FamilySearch" the marriage record, looks like this:

I also did the same for the Death Fact, replacing the FamilySearch Fact information with my RootsMagic Fact information (including the place name).

Did it work?  Here is the Jonathan White profile screen in FamilySearch Family Tree:

As you can see, the "Data Problem" for the Marriage and Death place names are not listed any longer.

So it works!  That's good.

Of course, the Standardized Place in RootsMagic's place list needs to be synchronized to the place name used by the RootsMagic user.

What happens if I use a non-standard place name?  I changed the place name for the Birth Fact for Jonathan White (it was "probably Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts, United States") to "Dartmouth, MA" just to see what would happen.  After replacing the Family Tree Birth Fact with the RootsMagic Birth Fact, here is the result:

The Birth Fact shown is listed as "Dartmouth, MA."  The "Database Problem" for the Birth Fact is gone.  I expected that the Birth Fact place name would have been the standard place name.  I searched the profile for Jonathan White for the standardized Birthplace name and did not see it in the "Vital Information" list until I clicked on the link for the Birth Fact and then the "Edit" link:

And there it is in the "Standard" place name field.  So it adds the Standard place name to the FamilySearch Family Tree, but it shows the user input until you click the Fact link and then the Edit link.

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RootsMagic said...

Correct. RootsMagic does not change the users original place they entered. It simply adds a standardized version to go along with it.

Geolover said...

There was no United States in North America in 1732.

Anonymous said...

Family tree uses British Colonial America, I have used British North America or just British America. I have not tried the new roots magic update to see if it corrects The standardized place for colonial times.