Tuesday, February 9, 2016

DearMYRTLE YouTube Videos About RootsTech 2016

My friend and colleague, Pat Richley-Erickson (aka DearMYRTLE) continues to produce very useful and interesting videos almost every week.

1)  She recently hosted two Mondays With Myrt sessions using Google+ Business Hangouts On Air that discussed RootsTech 2016 and are worthwhile viewing because of the content:

a)  Mondays With Myrt - 1 February 2016, from the Family Hiatory Library:

b)  Mondays With Myrt, 8 February 2016, with discussions about RootsTech events:

2)  There are two short AmbushCAM videos with Tony Proctor and Eric Jelle at this time:

There may be more of these videos posted over the next few weeks.


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