Monday, February 8, 2016

My Day 4 at RootsTech 2016 - The Geneabloggers After-Party

The very last event at RootsTech 2016 for me and about 40 other friends was the RootsTech Geneabloggers After Party at the home of Pat (DearMYRTLE) and Gordon Erickson.

We all carpooled from downtown Salt Lake City and Thomas MacEntee arranged a car service because it was cold and the Erickson home is about 30 minutes south of SLC.  Linda and I, and Eric Jelle, were chauffeured by Carol Petranek in her rental car.  We were picked up at 6:40 p.m. and got there at about 7:20 p.m. Thank you, Carol!

Gordon greeted us, and Pat helped us shed out coats in the bedroom with the help of her cute red-haired granddaughter, Hannah.  Pat's daughters, Carrie and Stacy, did the food preparation and serving and did a fantastic job.  The menu was Pasta Fagioli, breadsticks, salad, and delicious desserts.  They made Linda a chicken breast and steamed vegetables to avoid her allergies.  Everyone loved it!

Chairs were set up in many of the upstairs rooms for dinner, and people ate in small groups.  There was lots of great conversation and stories.  One highlight for me was talking to Michael McCormick and seeing his 9 month old daughter, Leah.  Very cute!  I did not take a lot of pictures - I was telling and listening to stories!

Here are some of my pictures from the Geneabloggers After Party:

1)  The DearMYRTLE nerve center for the Mondays With Myrt, Wacky Wednesday and other Hangouts on Air:

2)  Lara Diamond, Carol Petranek, Israel Pickholtz, Banai Feldstein and Daniel Horowitz:

3)  Jill Ball taking a picture with the kitchen in the background:

4)  Geoff Mulholland and Gordon Erickson:

5)  Jana Last, her husband (name?) and (name?) - sorry I can't recall!

6)  Lisa Alzo and Peggy Lauritzen:

7)  Shannon Bennett, (name?) and Jennifer Alford:

8)  Chris (name?), Amy Archibald and Schelly Talalay Dardasti seated, and Michael McCormick with Leah (on the floor)

I will update the missing names when I learn them!  My apologies to those I can't recall.


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GeniAus said...

Thanks Randy for sharing the photos. I was so tired only took one or two and you caught me doing it.

Cousin Russ said...

Myrt's 3rd monitor was probably still packed.

It was a great party. Thank you DearMYRTLE and Mr Myrt


Joe Lowry said...

Certainly a who's who of D.C.-area genealogists there! A lot of names and faces I recognize from various events and organizations in the area. Looks like a fun party!

Unknown said...

Thank you for your photos Randy.
Alona - Lonetester HQ

True Lewis said...

I really appreciate all that Pat and Gordon and Cousin Russ and Thomas did! Sadly I was so immersed in awe of everyone I didn't even have my cell phone. It was in my purse the whole time. I wasn't even thinking of it. I just wanted to enjoy the moment. Thanks Randy! I so enjoyed meeting you and Mrs. Seaver.