Monday, May 23, 2016

Deleting Old Findmypast Family Trees

When Findmypast acquired Mocavo last year, they provided an import of an existing Mocavo family tree to a new Findmypast tree.  I had three Mocavo trees, and they were imported as separate trees.

In addition, I had uploaded part of my August 2014 family tree to Findmypast about two years ago, with 15,000+ persons, and it is outdated and incomplete now.

So I want to start over with Findmypast family trees - I want to delete the existing trees and upload a new GEDCOM to Findmypast with all of my 46,000+ persons and updated content and source citations.

In this post, I want to delete my existing Findmypast trees.  Then, in another post, I will upload a GEDCOM file to Findmypast with all of my current research in it.

1)  On the Findmypast home page, I clicked on the "Family tree" menu item tab and saw the drop down menu that lists my existing trees:

On the dropdown list, the Help function told me that I needed to click on the "View all trees" item on the list in order to manage my trees.  I clicked on "View all trees" and saw the list of my trees on Findmypast:

For each tree, it tells me when it was created on Findmypast and when it was last updated, the owner, and icons for "Settings," "Export tree" and "Delete tree."

I clicked on the last tree on the list (the one that didn't upload completely in April, and clicked on the Delete icon (a trash can).  The confirmation screen appeared with a big blue "Delete" button:

I clicked the "Delete" button and it was gone.  I did the other two Mocavo trees next, and when I was finished, I was left with the two year old tree I uploaded in 2014:

Since this has Hints already provided for the 15,000+ persons in the tree, I will keep it for the time being.

In the next post in this series, I will upload a new GEDCOM file to Findmypast.


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