Monday, September 5, 2016

I Have MyHeritage DNA Matches

MyHeritage announced several months ago that they were accepting requests for DNA Matches from users who had tested with FamilyTreeDNA, AncestryDNA or 23andMe and had a family tree on MyHeritage.  I uploaded my raw DNA file from 23andMe and waited...

I received an email today from MyHeritage that said:

"Good News! We've discovered new DNA matches for you."

Good.  I went to my MyHeritage home page, and saw that "DNA Matches" had been added to the "Discoveries" tab:

When I click on the "DNA Matches" link, I can see a list of my matches according to MyHeritage:

I had 462 DNA Matches found.  They are listed by how much DNA they share with me.

Note that I have blanked out identifying information on these charts, so they are a bit fuzzy.

The first person - with the highest amount of shared autosomal DNA was:

The match above may be a 3rd cousin to 3rd cousin once removed because we share 55.7 cM of autosomal DNA (that's a grand 0.8% in 3 segments, with the longest segment 35.1 cM).  The latter is significant, I think.  According to the relationship and shared DNA, we may share a 2nd or 3rd great-grandparent.  I could contact the matching person via the MyHeritage

This match had a 40 person tree on MyHeritage, so I clicked on the "View Tree" and was able to maneuver through her tree:

Unfortunately, the four (out of 32)  third great-grandparents shown are unknown to me.  This tree does not have 28 of the 32 third great-grandparents, and I might be related to one of them, but the other person has not put them in their tree.

I went through my top 10 DNA matches, and only one of them had a well-leafed family tree.  In that tree, I found one common surname, but the tree did not have more information about that person.

This DNA matching has the potential to be helpful.  However, the most important thing is that the users have a well-leafed tree on MyHeritage.  The DNA may match, but if there is a very sparse family bush rather than a majestic family tree, it is difficult to find the connection.

I can't tell if MyHeritage shows the descendancy from common ancestors from the two family trees, since I apparently don't have any DNA matches that show common ancestors in my tree and the match's tree.  If they don't provide that descendancy list, then I hope that they add that feature.

Will MyHeritage add matches to my list if and when other researchers upload their DNA?  I hope so, and I hope they tell me in an email that I have new matches and provide a link.

It would be great if MyHeritage would provide an indicator that I can check to denote that I have explored the DNA match  - a star, a check mark, something - so that I don't waste time reviewing a match I have already explored.


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swe2search said...

Hi Randy
I received 497 names. I just put a form letter and copied to the first 4 telling them they could check my website for third or 4th great grandparents and if they found a match notify me. There is no way a three name chart will help me. I think my Heritage should indicate if there is more of a tree on that persons site.
I don't wish to join any other trees unless there is a verified match.

Jeb said...

How long did it take either of you to be notified by MyHeritage of matches after you uploaded your DNA file?

Randy Seaver said...

Jeb, IIRC, I uploaded my DNA in late May, and they notified me on 5 September. However, that was the beginning when they were proving the application. No one knows how long it would take now. I don't, and MyHeritage hasn't said. I would guess 4 to 8 weeks.

Jeb said...

Thanks. It's only been 4 weeks for me. Knowing how long it took yours will make it easier for me to wait.