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A Helpful Richman Autosomal DNA Match

I received an message last week from CB who alerted me to our autosomal DNA match on AncestryDNA.  It is 13 cM on one segment, in the 5th to 8th Cousin category.  CB said that she also has a Richman ancestor in Hilperton, Wiltshire, England in the early 19th century.  Her earliest known Richman was William Richman (1806-1892), who married Grace Powell (1809-1891) in 1826 in Trowbridge.

My earliest Richman is my 3rd great-grandfather, John Richman (1788-1867) of Hilperton, who married Ann Marshman in 1811.  I don't know John Richman's parents.  Over the past 28 years, I have been collecting Richman records in Wiltshire, including a review of many parish registers and transcripts of parish registers and Bishop's Transcripts.  I did research at the Wiltshire County Record Office in Trowbridge in 1993, and visited Hilperton church on the vacation/research trip.  I have several sets of "candidate" Richman families in Hilperton that my John may be a member of.

So CB and I have a common surname at least six generations back in Hilperton who is probably a Richman.  I had her William Richman (1806-1892) in my database, married to Grace Powell (1809-1891), but I had only 4 children for the family based on the parish records.  I also had a second William Richman and Grace family with 9 more children, some of whom are in the parish records.  I had these families separate because the 1851 Census had William born in 1816, not 1806, and Grace born in 1819, not 1809.  The family was not in the 1841 Census, and I had not searched the 1861 and later census records for the family.  It is now apparent to me that this is one family, and that the 1851 ages were about 10 years off for some reason.  It is possible that there are two mothers named Grace for all of these children, but the 13 children were born at 2-3 year intervals (two sets of twins) between 1830 and 1851, plus another one born in 1858.  If Grace Powell is the mother of all 14 children, then she had the last one at about age 50.

There are three William Richmans (born 1796, 1806 and 1809) in Hilperton in the 1841 to 1881 time frame - the 1796 William died in 1852, the 1809 William died in 1884, and the 1806 William died in 1892.

CB and I compared notes and I was able to offer a baptism record for William Richman in Trowbridge St. James on 2 November 1806, with parents Thomas and Martha (Martin) Richman, who married in 1804 in Trowbridge.  Thomas Richman was born in 1775 in Hilperton to John and Mary (Parsons) Richman.  The John (1756-1807) and Mary (Parsons) Richman family has a son John baptized in 1803 (when his mother was age 53), but there is a "hole" in children's ages between 1787 and 1796 - this John might have been born in about 1789 and not baptized until 1803.   So that is a possible link for me.

I also have John Richman (1756-1807) parents names - John (1730-1807) and Mary (Crabb) Richman of Hilperton, so CB may have three more generations of Richmans from the Hilperton and Trowbridge records.

John and Mary (Parsons) Richman are CB's 6th great-grandparents, and they might be my 4th great-grandparents, so we are in the right DNA ballpark.

There are several other Richman families having children in the 1785-1792 time frame that might have had my John Richman.  My John Richman (1788-1867) may be a child of one of the other descendants of John Richman (1730-1807).  Or not!

I am fairly certain that almost all of the Richman persons in Hilperton parish records between 1720 and 1800 are related in some way, but the parish records are fairly sparse during this time frame.  Marriages seem to be well covered, but baptisms are not complete, nor are burials.  It is probable that there were second and third marriages for many of the Richman males I have in my database.

Here is the first page of a RootsMagic Descendants Report for John Richman (1730-1807) - it is probably quite incomplete, but it contains the information I have in my database at this time for CB's line:

In the latest twist of this DNA saga, CB has another autosomal DNA match with AB who descends from Joseph Richman (1779-1865), who is a brother of Thomas Richman (1775-????).

CB resides in England, and plans to visit the Wiltshire record offices soon to try to obtain more information about these Richman folks.

The only records I have reviewed in Wiltshire for the Richman and associated families are the parish registers, Bishop's Transcripts, Civil Registry index, census records, burial index, and probate records. My Findmypast subscription has been very useful.   I know that there are other resources, but I need to search for their location and then go search them.  The Hilperton church vestry records might be full of information if they are still extant and available to review.


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