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Amanuensis Monday - 1676 Probate Records of Francis Bloodgood (1630-1676) of Flushing, New York

This week's documents for Amanuensis Monday are the probate records for Francis Bloodgood (1630-1676) of Flushing, New York:

1)  The will:

The transcription of the will is:

[Left-hamd page]

A copie of Francis
Bloodgoods will
November the 29^th 1676

[Right hand page]

In the Name of God amen I Francis
BloodGood, being sorely wounded & very
weake, knowing that Death is Certaine but
the hour of the same uncertaine not wil-
ing to Depart this world before I have
disposed of my worldly Goods. First I be-
queath my soule unto the almighty God &
my body to the Christian buriall, secondly
I bequeath and make my beloved wife Eli-
zabeth Bloodgood my full & powerfull Ex-
ecutrix over all what I leave behind me
& shee to enjoy it without Molestation of any
^of my Children, but she to dispose unto my Chil-
dren according to their duties and deserts.
Further if my ^sayd wife should Come to Marry,
then shee shall part halfe the Estate unto
my Children, this was spoken & desired might
bee when he was first wounded. In the
presence of the underwritten Wittnesses this
29 Xb^r An^o 1676 in Flushing on Long Island
in America.

Myvert Kortey als gitngen
Henry Taylor
Thomas Willett
John Marton

this was signed In the Presence
of Charles Bridgiss.

The source citation for the will is:

"New York County, New York, Wills and Probate Records, 1658-1880 (NYSA)," digital image, ( : accessed 25 October 2016), J0038-92: Probated Wills, 1662-1827 > Wills, 0001-0180, (1662-1761), image 128 of 681, Francis Bloodgood will, 1676;  Original data from Court of Probates [and pre-1778, Prerogative Court]. Probated Wills, 1665–1787. Series J0038-92. New York State Archives, Albany, New York.

2)  The Grant of Administration:

[left hand page on image above]

The transcription of this document is:

Administracon graunted to Elizabeth
Bloodgood of the Estate of her Husband
Edmond Andros Esq^r &c.

Whereas Francis Bloetgood, late of Flushing
in the North Riding of Yorkshire, upon Long
Island, did in his last Will and Testament
give and bequeath unto Elizabeth, his widdow
and Relict, all his Estate, Goods and Chattells,
leaving her his full and Sole Executrix upon
such termes and Conditinos, as in the said Will is
sett forth; The which having been proved before
the Secretary, is transmitted to the Office of
Records here; And the Constable and Overseers of
the said Towne, having likewise taken Security of
the said Elizabeth, for her due Administracon
according to Law. These presents may Certifie
and Declare, That the said Elizabeth is admitted
and confirmed, to all Intents and purposes,
Executrix of the last Will and Testam^t of the
said Francis Bloetgood, her Husband deceased &c.
And shee hath hereby full Power and Lawfull
Authoroty to do and execute all things whatsoe-
ver, in the said Will is required; Shee rendring
Acco^t of the same, according to the Lawes in such
Cases Provided: Given under my hand and Seal:
in New Yorke, this 13^th day of January, in the 28^th
yeare of his Ma^ties Reigne, Annoq. Domini 1676.
                                                   E Andross
Last the Office
Matthias Nicolls Secr.

The source citation for this document is:

"New York County, New York, Wills and Probate Records, 1658-1880 (NYSA)," digital image, ( : accessed 25 October 2016), J0043-92: Record of Wills and Probates, 1664-1799 > Q-2 - Q-3, 1664-1683, page 260, image 151 of 302, Francis Bloetgood grant of administration, 1676;  Original data from Court of Probates [and pre-1778, Prerogative Court]. Records of wills and probates, 1665–1787. Series J0043-92. New York State Archives, Albany, New York.

Frans Janszen Bloetgoet was a Dutch man who resided on Long Island.  He died between 19 December 1676, when his will was written, and 13 January 1676/7, when the grant of administration was given to his widow. 

The will names only his wife, Elizabeth, who is given control over all of the estate unless she marries again.

For more background on Frans Janszen Bloetgoet, please see:

Howard L. Swain, "Frans Bloodgood (Bloedtgoedt) of Flushing, New York," New Netherland Connections, Volume 12, Number 1 (January-March 2007), pages 1-11, pages 1-12.

Howard's opinion is that this will was probably an oral will written while Francis was still alive, but he did not sign the will.  The will was probably translated into English from the Dutch.  The entries in these probate books are copies of earlier documents.  Probably, this is what we have available.  

Frans Janszen Bloetgoet (1630-1676) married Lysbeth Jans (1633-1720) on 8 February 1654, in the Netherlands;  they had nine children, and are my eighth great-grandparents through their son Jan Bloetgoet (1672-1716).

NOTE:  Genea-blogger John Newmark (who writes the excellent  TransylvanianDutch blog) started a Monday blog theme years ago called "Amanuensis Monday."  John offers this definition for "amanuensis:" 

"A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another."


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