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The World's Largest Source of Discovered Family Heirlooms

"The Heritage Room" 
November 2016
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Shaving Mugs - An Eclectic Family Collectible
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It's Here! 3.0

Many people think November, 2016 is important because we are electing a new president.  They are wrong!  November is important because of the debut of the new, beautiful, wonderful and long-awaited JustaJoy upgrade!  After months of tweaking, speculating and, yes, even arguing, IT IS HERE! There are improvements to every function. Double check to make sure the new upgrade does not effect your JustaJoy bookmark.

This upgrade will be the impetus for a renewed national outreach to antique dealers across the country.  If you have a retail business of any kind and would like to partner to promote JustaJoy, please give us a call for details. We want to spread the good news about to everyone who cares about their family.

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Does your Genealogical or Historical Society have a library?  Do your Society members have access to your library's computers?  If so, you are eligible for a free JustaJoy Society membership.  Just call 704-948-1912 to make arrangements for this special offer.

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Shaving Mugs - An Eclectic
Family Collectible

Are you a member of NSMCA - the National Shaving Mug Collectors Association?  Probably not, but it is a very interesting group with subgroups in 40 states and 4 countries comprised of experts in all things barber shop - especially shaving mugs from 1880-1920.  

During this period the barber shop was more than a place for men to get a haircut and a shave.  It was a place to meet and discuss the important matters of the day.  There was also a bit of tacit social climbing going on amidst the polite discussion with the use of "occupational shaving mugs".

Shaving mugs are large, wide-mouthed mugs often resembling coffee cups.  They were used to mix a lather that was applied to the face before shaving.  Nearly all men of the day had one at home that was used with their shaving brush and shaving soap to get the job done. But, they often had a much fancier one on display at their favorite barber shop. These "occupational" shaving mugs would have their name hand painted and often a depiction of their work.

The custom likely began as a deterrent to shaving rash believed to be caused from sharing shaving soap (which was not the case).  It evolved to a status symbol of sorts, not just for the barber shop attendee, but the barber shop, itself, which could capitalize on the reputations of the patrons who owned the mugs. They would usually be displayed on special racks for all to see. has quite a few of these mugs in it's inventory. If you can discover one from your family, it would make a great addition to YOUR Heritage Room.

Click HERE to search for shaving mugs or other interesting items associated with the Seaver  Family

I checked to see if there were Seaver items on the site, and there were 14 items, but some of them were already sold.  I checked other surnames but didn't find anything I have to have.

But you might - try a search and see if there are antiques or old documents that you are interested in.


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