Thursday, March 16, 2017

Genealogical Forum of Oregon FREE Classes Next Week

The Genealogical Forum of Oregon ( is holding an Open House from March 18-26 with over 40 workshops and classes, book sales, and more.  The Open House is FREE and open to the public.  The Open House will be at the GFO Library at 2505 SE 11th Avenue, B-18 in Portland, Oregon (phone 503-964-1932 for information).

The flyer above can be downloaded as a PDF file from here.

Look at the variety of classes and workshops (see times on the Calendar at

  • March 18:  DNA DAY 1: Comparing the Three Testing Companies; Basics of Y-DNA and mtDNA; atDNA Basics;  Organizing Data & Contacting Matches; Discovering My Birth Family through DNA Testing
  • March 19:  DNA DAY 2: Convincing Family & Strangers to Test & Why; The Four Autosomal DNA Testing Companies; Examples of How Autosomal DNA Testing Solved Genealogical Problems; GEDmatch; DNA Q & A
  • March 20:  Start with the Census; Immigration & Naturalization; History of Railroads in the US; Ports & Shipping 
  • March 21: GFO Website & Catalog; Facebook 101; Facebook 102; Create a Blog
  • March 22:  Cemetery Research;; Intro to Photoshop Elements; Intro to Heritage Makers Books; GFO’s Resources
  • March 23:  Mexican History for Genealogists; Intro to Mexican Records; Intro to Probate Records; Intro to Military Records
  • March 24:  Genealogy Basics; Genealogy for Beginners & More; Using a Timeline; Organizing All That Stuff
  • March 25:  French Prairie; The French-Canadian Collection at the GFO; Membership Meeting; British Events Leading to Migration
  • March 26:;; OneStep Webpages of Stephen Morse;;
This is an outstanding series of workshops and classes for every level of genealogist from beginner to advanced.  GFO has set an excellent example for medium to large genealogical societies for community outreach and member education.

My thanks to GFO for sending me this information.


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