Monday, May 8, 2017

RootsMagic Provides Video Demonstrating TreeShare and WebHints

Bruce Buzbee recently made a 32 minute video showing how RootsMagic will work with an Ancestry Member Tree and Ancestry WebHints.  The video can be watched at

The video starts with about 8 minutes of Bruce talking with a gray screen, and then he demonstrates:

*  Using TreeShare to download an existing Ancestry Member Tree to a new RootsMagic database, or an existing RootsMagic database to a new Ancestry Member Tree.  You cannot match an existing RootsMagic database to an existing Ancestry Member Tree.

*  After syncing your database with an Ancestry Member Tree, you can click a button to show which persons are matched.  You can then select a person on the list and add or modify data and events between the two trees by checking the data to match.

*  Ancestry WebHints can be selected and data from Ancestry Hints can be added to your RootsMagic database.

Watch the video to see all of the details.

Now I am wondering:

1)  Can I use the Ancestry Member Tree to keep the RootsMagic database on my desktop computer and the RootsMagic database on my laptop computer in sync?   This is something that Family Tree Maker says can be done with their program.

2)  Can I use the Ancestry Member Tree to keep the RootsMagic database on my desktop computer and the Family Tree Maker database on my desktop computer in sync?


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Keith Riggle said...

Randy, your first question has already been answered at

Can I connect multiple RootsMagic files to a single Ancestry online tree?
Yes. This means that you can use TreeShare from different computers working with the same Ancestry tree. In fact, we chose the name “TreeShare” to highlight an important side-effect of this. You can invite family members to edit and add to your Ancestry online tree. Each family member can then connect their RootsMagic data with the central tree to collaborate with one another. RootsMagic will also give you complete control over what information you share with each other.

As to your second question, it's theoretically possible, since both Family Tree Maker and RootsMagic are supposedly using the same API. I doubt it, however, and don't think I'd trust it even if they do enable syncing with both. There have been too many problems getting sync to work reliably.

Randy Seaver said...

Thanks, Keith,

I must have missed that when it was announced. I'm glad it's the case.

For the AMT to sync with both FTM and RM would be great but who knows. i'll try when the programs are released.