Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Find A Grave Website Updating on 1 November

The Find a Grave Facebook product service page has this announcement today:


We are happy to announce that at the beginning of November we will be moving to an updated version of Find A Grave. Thank you to everyone who has used the preview version of the site and provided feedback. We have received over twelve thousand responses and have made hundreds of updates to the site based on your feedback.

One question we heard a lot during the preview was, “Why change a site that has been serving the community so well for the past 20 years?” Here are a few reasons for the change:

1- Support new devices: A growing number of people (nearly 40%) use Find A Grave on a phone or other mobile device. The current site doesn’t adapt well to these devices. We want to deliver a site you can use from your desktop, your phone, your tablet or wherever else you want to use it.

2- Improve usability and security: With this update, we’ll be modernizing the code that runs Find A Grave which will help in many ways. Perhaps most importantly it will make the site more secure and easier to update and add new features that will help you.

3- Translate the site: As Find A Grave grows, more and more people from all over the world are adding information to the site. We want to make that easier for them by translating the site into other languages which this change makes possible.

We haven’t added a lot of new features to the site with this first phase of the change, but we did squeeze in a few things that we hope will help. For example, in the new site experience you can search right from the homepage. There are tabs at the top of the new site that give you easy access to the main areas of the site. And when you are signed in, a list on the right side of the homepage will give you a quick view of things you can do or edits waiting for your review.

We know many of you have been using Find A Grave for a very long time and we really appreciate all the work you have done to make Find A Grave what it is today. After all those years, a change like this can take some getting used to. We hope you’ll learn to use the new site quickly and we’ll keep working to improve it.

If you find something that could use improvement, there is a “Send Feedback” link at the bottom right of every page on the new site. You can use that link to let us know what you think or to suggest new features or improvements you would like to see.

Thanks again for all you do for Find A Grave. We look forward to working with you for many more years.


The new site home page looks like this:

A Find A Grave memorial will look like this:


Copyright (c) 2017, Randall J. Seaver

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Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

Randy, thanks for posting about this. I knew changes were coming but I did not know when or any details.

Susan said...

Yes, thanks, Randy! Finally! I thought this day would never come!

Unknown said...

Thanks Randy! I have suggested several improvements to the design already. Hope they listen. The one thing that I have heard a lot is the hope that we will still have easy, one-page, entry and links. The fewer clicks the better! Have a great day!

Unknown said...

Has anyone raised the issue of a contributor who dies and the memorial can't be transferred?

Diane Gould Hall said...

I've been dreading this day like the plague. I've given lots of feedback on the new site, but I see none of it has been implemented. I don't like it and probably never will. But, that's life and it is what it is. To say I resist change is to put it mildly.

B said...

I also am dreading the change and I normally don't. I don't like it. The new "look" isn't "new", it just looks like every other ancestry site out there. I love the old look. It's different, doesn't stand out from the rest, and has lost it's homestyle, vintage appeal. However, the second bought the site, I knew it's days were numbered:( They are ruining a great classic website. Such a shame.

Unknown said...

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