Wednesday, October 25, 2017

RootsTech 2013, Part 3 -- Post 487 of (Not So) Wordless Wednesday

Linda and I attended RootsTech 2013 in Salt Lake City, and I took some photos of things and persons.  I took some of these with my digital camera, I think, rather than my iPhone:

The third Keynote session on 23 March featured David Pogue and James Tanner (for MyHeritage):

1)  David Pogue is a technology columnist for the New York Times, creator of the Missing Manual book series, and a PBS NOVA host.  He treated the audience to 30 minutes of non-stop technology comedy...with some Tom Lehrer-type piano comedy bits about technology at the end.  There wasn't any genealogy content here, but some of the technology content was mind boggling, and the comedy was great.  

2)  The second Keynote was supposed to be Gilad Japhet of MyHeritage, but his father died and he flew back to Israel.  The MyHeritage Marketing director Oeri Soen introduced MyHeritage to the audience, then introduced geneablogger James Tanner (Genealogy's Star) who discussed the new technology that will be available at MyHeritage.  James noted that "sufficiently advanced technology s indistinguishable from magic" and thinks that the MyHeritage technology is approaching that level. 

More next week...

NOTE:  Here is the 2013 Geneabloggers Compendium if you want to relive this event -


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