Saturday, February 17, 2018

RootsFinder Delivers Powerful New Tools to Genealogists for FREE

I received this information recently from RootsFinder and my friend, Dallan Quass:


RootsFinder Delivers Powerful New Tools to Genealogists for Free is a free, online family tree that makes researching family history much easier. 

Unlike other online trees, which only provide hints to their own content, RootsFinder provides hints and search suggestions to websites such as:

• FamilySearch
• FindMyPast
• AmericanAncestors
• BillionGraves
• FindAGrave
• Ancestry
• MyHeritage
• and more

In addition, seamless sync with FamilySearch, integration with GenSmarts, evidence analysis, embedded research logs, and DNA tools (coming soon) add to RootsFinder’s powerful offering. 

Along with these valuable tools, RootsFinder has also developed two Chrome Browser Extensions. The extensions make research and recording information faster and more accurate.

1. WebClipper - Copy records and source citations quickly and automatically into your family tree from major genealogy websites such as Ancestry, FamilySearch, MyHeritage, and more. It adds records to entire families at once.

2. ToDo Creator - Save search ideas for later by attaching action items to specific people in your family tree, adding them to research logs, and marking them complete when done.

RootsFinder also has tools that make it easy to share your genealogy with your family safely and securely:

• Invite others to your tree, but you control who edits
• Ancestor reports with stories and pictures can be turned into family history books
• Descendancy reports in the register format
• Videos & photo mosaics created from your media
• Fan charts and wall charts
• Pinterest-like media wall for scrolling through photos

Two plans are available: an ad-supported Free-Forever plan, and a $35/year Pro plan that removes ads and includes additional storage and advanced features. Everyone gets a 30-day Pro plan for free.

A small group of dedicated genealogists and software developers have been working on RootsFinder for the past three years. Our goal is to provide a free online family tree that is focused on the needs of the genealogy researcher. We think we finally have something worth talking about. – Dallan Quass

About RootsFinder

RootsFinder ( ) was founded in 2015 by Dallan Quass, CTO of FamilySearch from 2002-2004 and the creator of and, two of FamilyTree Magazine's top 101 genealogy websites. Dallan is joined at RootsFinder by Heather Henderson, Erin Harris, and other experienced genealogists who share his love of family history.



NOTE:  I have received no remuneration ofor writing this blog post or accessing  I am in the process of adding my family tree to RootsFinder.

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KSteckelberg said...

This is very interesting. I hope you will review RootsFinder in your blog after you've had some experience with it.

Bill said...

Thank you for posting this and you initial attempt at loading you ancestors.

One question: They indicate the availability of search hints from a wide variety of sources, many of which require paid subscriptions when
used directly. Does a RootsFinder user get access to those without subscribing?
Bill Greggs

Jeff Jahn said...
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