Wednesday, November 27, 2019

RootsMagic 8 News - To Be Released in 2020?

Bruce Buzbee had a RootsMagic blog post on 13 November - The Road to RootsMagic 8:- An Important Update that all RootsMagic current and future users should read.  The important features of the news were:

*  RootsMagic 8 will not be released by the end of 2019.  Bruce explains why, but does not provide a release date.

*  A 33 minute video of a test drive of RootsMagic 8 - on YouTube at and embedded below:

The video covers all of the main features in RootsMagic 8 except for the Publish features (I think they forgot to click it).  

According to the comments on the blog post and on Facebook, Mac users running RootsMagic 7 should not switch to the new Catalina operating system until the necessary changes to enable RM7 are made, and that RootsMagic 8 will be compatible with Catalina OS when it is released.

The look and feel are significantly different from RootsMagic 7, but the blog post and video assures everyone that all of the latest features in RootsMagic 7 (including the Ancestry TreeShare, FamilySearch Family Tree matching, and WebHints) will work in RootsMagic 8.

I think that there will be a significant learning curve for RM8 users because of the changes, but it should be faster and more intuitive than RM7.  After 13 years with essentially the same screens and navigation tools, this old dog will have to re-train his fingers to do many of the functions that are now "automagic."

My thanks to Bruce and the team for working through all the issues to provide a quality product when RootsMagic 8 is released.


Disclosure:  I have been a happy RootsMagic user since 2006, and have purchased every new version.  I have not received material considerations from RootsMagic.

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loner said...

what would happen to your data you entered if you have RootsMagic 7.5 when you update to RootsMagic 8 and will there be an opportunity to purchase a hard disk for back up

Buppy said...

I am a new user so I am starting with MagicRoots 8.

All software loaded and was able to load a GEDCOM file.

Now I am running the MERGE for Ancestry and all went great.

I am now trying to MERGE FamilySearch Central and it stops and tells me to re-start Program. This has been done numerous attempts.

I cannot find the minimum required hardware. I.E. - Minimum RAM - Processor etc.

Can anyone respond with information requested?

Thank You