Thursday, November 28, 2019

My Mayflower 1620 Connections - Soule, White, Warren, Cooke, Brewster, Hopkins and Fuller

I've posted before about my own connections to passengers on the Mayflower that landed at Plymouth in New England in December 1620, but I want to do it again.

Here are my blog posts for each core Mayflower ancestor (with the names of my  Mayflower    passengers in parentheses):

*  My Mayflower Connections - 1. George Soule (George Soule)  

*  My Mayflower Connections - 2. William White (William White, Susanna (Jackson) White, Peregrine White)

*  My Mayflower Connections - 3. Richard Warren (Richard Warren)

*  My Mayflower Connections - 4. Francis Cooke (Francis Cooke, John Cooke)

*  My Mayflower Connections - 5. Stephen Hopkins (Stephen Hopkins, Constance Hopkins)

*  My Mayflower Connections - 6. William Brewster (William Brewster, Mary (--?--) Brewster)

*  My Mayflower Connections - 7. Edward Fuller (Edward Fuller, Ann? (--?--), Samuel Fuller)

So my ancestors include 14 Mayflower 1620 passengers.  Of those, I think only William White, Edward Fuller and Ann Fuller did not survive the first winter, so 11 were at the first Thanksgiving in the fall of 1621.

I probably have sufficient information to apply for and receive a General Society of Mayflower Descendants membership for the William White line - I just haven't started the application process.  My White, Soule, Cooke and Warren lines come down to a common descendant - 3rd great-grandfather Jonathan White (1803-1850).  I may be able to apply on those lines also with a bit more work.  The Brewster, Hopkins and Fuller lines are through other lines, and need a lot more work on my part before I could apply for membership in GSMD.

See the 2012 post on this topic to see how I answered the reader comment:   "Why are you boasting about your Mayflower ancestors?  Are you trying to show that you are a better researcher than the rest of us?  Or that these passengers were somehow special?"


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