Sunday, November 15, 2020

Statue of Liberty Museum Opened and Ellis Island National Immigration Museum Expanded

 I received this information from the Statue of Liberty -- Ellis Island Foundation recently:


The Ellis Island National Immigration Museum has expanded, and the new Statue of Liberty Museum is opened on Liberty Island.

I'm writing to share with you educational resources that the Foundation has been creating and curating. We initiated this while the islands were closed earlier this year. The resources have been well received; perhaps your readers would find them of interest. I would also like to share gift ideas from the Foundation. 

Among them is the new "Dedicated Passenger Search" service. We also introduced this while the islands were closed as a way of replicating the experience of visiting the American Family Immigration History Center. For a donation, the Foundation's research experts conduct a personalized search to find connections to Ellis Island and the Port of New York. All donations and purchases support our mission to preserve Lady Liberty and Ellis Island. 

As part of our mission, the Foundation is committed to fostering knowledge of and interest in the history of these two American monuments. When Liberty and Ellis Islands were closed earlier this year due to COVID-19, the Foundation began creating and curating free educational resources to provide content for teachers, parents, students, and even history buffs. For example:
  • Virtual tours of the Statue and Ellis Island
  • AR experience of the Statue of Liberty
  • Videos exploring the Ellis Immigrant experience (e.g., When Immigrants were Detained at Ellis, When a Baby was Born at Sea, Dispelling Myths: Names Not Changed at Ellis Island) 
  • Statue of Liberty art project
  • Links to resources developed by the National Park Service

Nearly 40 percent of Americans can trace their roots through Ellis Island. And, of course, the Statue of Liberty is a global icon. Gifts purchased from the Foundation's shop support our mission. Popular gifts include:
  • The Monumental Dream - This book, with its captivating text and awe-inspiring images, follows the story of the Statue as told in the new Statue of Liberty Museum. Text by French historian Robert Belot. Preface by Diane von Furstenberg. 
  • 18th annual limited-edition ornaments - This year's offerings include "Ellis Island Welcome" which celebrates the 30th anniversary the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration. "The Golden Door" features the famous stanza of The New Colossus. 
  • Genealogy research - Genealogy is one of the world's most popular hobbies. The discovery process is exciting, emotional, and oftentimes surprising. For a donation of $30 (level increases to $50 on Nov. 1st), give the gift of family heritage. Through its Dedicated Passenger Search service, the Foundation's research experts help one embark on their genealogical journey.
  • The American Immigrant Wall of Honor - Located on Ellis Island, the Wall of Honor celebrates American immigrants. Add a name to the wall to commemorate your family's immigrant experience. The 770,000+ names already on the wall represent all ethnicities, all years of arrival, all points of entry, and all modes of travel. 

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