Monday, April 19, 2021

It Was Genea-Musings 15th Anniversary 4 Days Ago

 It's Genea-Musings 15th Blogiversary ... yep, I started it on Tax Day, 2006!  Yes - I forgot all about it!!  Haven't sent in the tax return yet, either!  Too busy doing genealogy!

It seems like just yesterday that I started my Randy's Musings blog - here is the first post on 15 April 2006. I explained the name change to Genea-Musings in my first anniversary post on 15 April 2007. In my two-year anniversary post, I showed a screen shot of the early blog page. 

I like to spout some numbers on my blogiversary, so please bear with me:

1)  After 15 years of Randy's Musings and Genea-Musings, this is post number 14,550.   Over 5,483 days, that averages out to be 2.65 posts per day. In the past year, I've written 935 posts, or 2.53 posts per day (that is a little lower than last year, 2.65. I think that the most in a year was 1,053 in 2017, and the most posts in one day was 8, but I've had some days with zero posts (usually when on vacation).

2)  I find it mind-boggling that I have posted:

*  584 Amanuensis Monday posts
*  192 Tuesday's Tips posts
*  564 Wordless Wednesday posts
*  717 Treasure Chest Thursday posts
*  389 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks posts
*  526 Surname Saturday posts
*  625 Saturday Night Genealogy Fun posts
*  715 Best of the Genea-Blogs posts

That totals only 29% of the total number of blog posts.

For reference purposes, 520 weeks is 10 years, and 780 weeks is 15 years!

3)    My Blogger statistics from Google indicate that I have had 12,044,322 page views in the 15 years.  Currently, I average about 90,000 page views per month, or about 3,000 per day.  It's also 820 views per post on average (ranging from tens to thousands).

4)  In addition, about 3,500 persons subscribe via email using Feedburner, and over 2,100 persons subscribe via RSS using Feedly.  I don't have a count for other feeds, blog readers and  Facebook  readers. If I had to guess, I would say that about 5,000 persons read part of Genea-Musings on an average day. A significant number of the readers (probably over 30%) visiting the actual website come via Facebook or a search engine.

Please permit me to genea-muse for a bit here (it's a given, isn't it?):

1)  I really appreciate the Genea-bloggers Tribe community and all of my Genea-Musings readers. Without all of you, we would not have as much genealogy information (news, research experiences, family history, photographs, etc.) online. Blogging and social networking has brought democratization to the world of genealogy writing - anybody can do it (and many do it very well) and the genealogy community has more information, provided faster and more up-to-date, than it ever has had before.

2)  The genea-blogger community is overwhelmingly friendly and supportive of each other and their readers.  There is very little overt competition, back-biting or flame wars.  This reflects the genealogy community as a whole, I believe, and almost everyone believes in and works at collaborating with, educating, and helping others from the most famous (e.g., the genea-rock stars like Elizabeth Mills, Tom Jones, Judy Russell, Blaine Bettinger, etc.) to the beginners (new society members, new blog readers, etc.).

3)  The genea-bloggers community as a whole has garnered the respect of the genealogy industry - the record provider companies, the software companies, website owners, and genealogical societies.  We have been treated and recognized as legitimate media outlets for the genealogy community.  They understand that genealogy blogs are a significant way to announce and publicize their products or services, and to create genea-buzz at conferences.  This could not happen without the commitment of genea-bloggers to objectivity and collaboration.  Not to mention time, energy and lifelong learning.

4)  I'm really proud to be a member of the Genea-Blogger community and to enjoy the camaraderie online and in person.  At a genealogy conference or seminar, genea-bloggers tend to flock together - it's an instant brother/sisterhood - many of us read and comment on each other's blogs.  Facebook and other social media sites have enabled us to "know," rejoice, or commiserate with the life and research experiences of our colleagues.  

5) Life is good in the genea-cave, and it's even better when family history is made with our daughters and the five grandchildren (we added grandson Charlie 6 years ago).  We love to travel to a genealogy seminar, conference or society talk. I
 would have gone to RootsTech 2021 but it was virtual.  Because of Linda's mobility problems, we may not get to another conference.

6)  Lastly, thank you to my faithful readers.  I do this to help the genealogy community pursue their hobb obsession, and to document my own family history.  I appreciate your feedback to my posts and learn a lot from the collected wisdom and experience of my readers.  

Can I take the rest of the week off?  Probably not.  I'll do one more blog post today, unless something important comes up.  I am hosting a Zoom meeting on Wednesday at noon for the Chula Vista Genealogical Society DNA Interest Group.  I may get a nap, and will likely work on the RootsMagic family tree tonight before watching the Padres game.


Copyright (c) 2021, Randall J. Seaver

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Louis Kessler said...

I'm very curious Randy, how you tabulate many of your interesting statistics, e.g., the number of each type of post, number of posts each year, and most posts in a day.

Linda Stufflebean said...

Many, many best wishes for all your future years and congratulations on 15 years of blogging. I love your blog - especially when you share so many great details about our multiple common ancestors. :)

Randy Seaver said...

Louis, Blogger keeps track of also my labels on the right side of the web page so i know how many times I've used a keyword. i also add a number to some of my theme posts.

The "most posts in a day" was years ago and I rarely get more than 3 posts a day now.