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Findmypast Friday: Five New Pennsylvania Record Collections

 I received this information from Findmypast today:


There are nearly half a million new records to explore this week.


Here’s a rundown of our five new US collections released by Findmypast this week – ideal for those tracing their US ancestry.

Pennsylvania, List of British Prisoners in the War of Revolution

Within this collection, you'll find British and German Hessian soldiers who were captured during the war, giving you an insight into their military experience. Information you may find alongside an ancestor's name includes their ship or unit, where and when they were captured, and occasionally extra remarks such as whether or not they were being considered for a military exchange.

Pennsylvania, Episcopalian Births and Baptisms

If you're looking into more recent US history, this collection contains over 117,000 Episcopalian births and baptisms from the late 1600s to the mid 1900s. The Episcopalian Church were of Protestant faith, and though they were governed separately, were considered to work in full cooperation with the Church of England. It is also possible that you may find those born outside of the US in parish records across England, Scotland and Wales. The information in this collection varies record to record, but will include a combination of event year (birth or baptism), full name, parents' names and parish, meaning you could discover more than one generation to add to your family tree.

Pennsylvania, Episcopalian Marriages

If you've found an ancestor in the previous collection, there's a high chance you'll trace them through our Episcopalian marriages, comprising an immense 153,000 records. These records will give you date of marriage, spouse's name, any witnesses to the marriage and often the person who officiated the ceremony.

Pennsylvania, Episcopalian Deaths and Burials

If you've traced your Episcopalian ancestors this far, don't stop now. Close their journey with a death or burial record. There are over 135,000 records in this collection, and you could find information ranging from place, parish, and death or burial year.

Pennsylvania, Episcopalian Congregational Records

You've discovered entire lifetimes in our new Episcopalian records, but what about their activity within the church? Have a browse through these congregational records to see what you can discover. The original Anglican congregations in Pennsylvania included Christ Church, Philadelphia (est. 1695), Trinity Church, Oxford (est. 1698), St David’s, Radnor (Est 1700) and St. Thomas, Whitemarsh (est. 1702). Originally, there was only one diocese throughout the entirety of Pennsylvania, but in 1865, the Diocese of Pittsburgh was established to encompass every parish west of the Allegheny Mountains. By 1910, there were several dioceses spanning across the state, and by the 1920s these dioceses saw a vastly increasing growth in population. The type of records will differ per collection, but you may be able to find registers of communion, vestry minutes, membership lists and administrative records.


Findmypast is offering nearly 132,000 new pages for you this week, including new London title the Lewisham Borough News. Have a read through the full list of new and updated titles below.

New titles:

Updated titles:



Disclosure: I have a complimentary subscription to Findmypast, and have accepted meals and services from Findmypast, as a Findmypast Ambassador. This has not affected my objectivity relative to Findmypast and its products.

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