Wednesday, July 13, 2022

KYGS Summer Seminar: Researching Your Kentucky Ancestors: From the Mountains to the Mississippi

 I received this information from the Kentucky Genealogical Society today:


One thing genealogical researchers know, Kentucky's 120 counties are not the easiest place for a family tree investigation.
To be effective at this task, you must keep your ears open for opportunities and mind open to fresh techniques.
With this perspective in mind, the Kentucky Genealogical Society's assembled its 2022 Summer Seminar: 

Researching Your Kentucky Ancestors: From the Mountains to the Mississippi
The organizers scouted out speakers who understood Kentucky from a genealogical perspective.
They were seeking those who offered new genealogical perspectives; those with different voices from the genealogical ecosystem who could bring fresh insights and perspectives to the table for researchers.
Eight webinars -- throughout the month of August.
One registration fee -- $20 for members -- covers all eight webinars. We decided to keep the registration fee low given rising inflation and the desire to make this series accessible to as many researchers who would like to participate. Non-members can join the Society for $20 and take advantage of the $20 registration.
All lectures are recorded and accessible to participants for one month to view on-demand:
  1. Little Known History of Kentucky's 120 Counties with Rusty Heckaman
  2. Investigating African Americans in Antebellum Northern Kentucky with Hilary Delaney
  3. Underground Railroad with Jeannie Regan-Dinius
  4. Kentucky Research Collections at the Filson Historical Society with Dr. Patrick Lewis
  5. Researching in the Lyman Draper Manuscript Collection with Lee Grady
  6. Early River Towns in Kentucky with J. Mark Lowe
  7. What I've Learned About Kentucky Research with Dr. Arlene Eakle
  8. Kentucky Genealogical Society Open House with a panel of board members who've been researching in Kentucky for decades
This series is being offered in a convenient, virtual format so participants can access it from anywhere on Earth through GoToWebinar. No need to travel. Participate where or when you'd like to do so. View at your leisure. No need to sit for a long period of time and be overwhelmed with information in one day.
 Kentucky Genealogical Society


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Tricia said...

I'm registered. Can't decide if I'm more excited to hear from Rusty about the counties or the ending presentation from the long time Kentucky researcher Arlene Eakle. Wait - maybe it's learning more about the river towns from J Mark Lowe.

Thanks for posting Randy.