Friday, May 5, 2023

Can't Make it to the Coronation of My 12th Cousin Twice Removed on Saturday

 I did not get an invitation to the coronation of my 12th cousin twice removed on Saturday.  Maybe the Royal Mail or the U.S. Postal Service lost it amidst all of the hoopla.  

I will watch some of it on television - it all starts at 2 a.m. here in the Pacific Time Zone.  My guess is the actual coronation will be about 6 a.m. Pacific time, so I may get up early. There will probably be endless replays of it.

I wondered what my relationship to King Charles III would be, and WikiTree told me that his WikiTree profile is Windsor-21.  My WikiTree profile number is Seaver-15, so it is easy to use the Find > Relationships feature from my WikiTree home page to find the closest relationship:

Our most recent common ancestor is Cecilia (Luttrel) Rogers (1523-1566), who is Charles III's 11th great-grandmother and my 13th great-grandmother, according to WikiTree.  Who is she?  Her WikiTree profile is Luttrel-1.  I doubt that Charles III and I share any significant DNA segments.  

WikiTree found 194 other relationships between cousin Charles and me, but I don't recognize the names of the other common ancestors.

I do note that my line goes through four other generations of Seaver males - my father Frederick, my grandfather Frederick, my great-grandfather Frank, and my 2nd great-grandfather Isaac Seaver.  My father's siblings  would be swelling with pride in their ancestral connections to the King of England.  My grandchildren might be impressed - they are 12th cousins four times removed with King Charles III. 

Are any of my readers related to King Charles III?  Are any related to me?  Tell me in Comments.


Disclosure:  I am a member of WikiTree and have done extensive work in it.  It is FREE to use.  I have received no compensation or benefits from posting this information.

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Unknown said...

Hi Randy,
King Charles is my 13th cousin 3X removed, about the same as your relationship. The connection is through the Poindexter family of colonial Virginia and the island of Jersey.

Our connection is much closer. We are 8th cousins once removed. Our common ancestor is Rose (Hallett) Soule. The Soules are a Mayflower family, of course.

This was a fun exercise, cousin!
Jay Holladay

Lateboomer said...

Hi Randy,

Actually I think we are related, in a way! I had emailed this to you awhile back but didn't get a response (and figured it went off into the virtual ether somewhere). I have found a Joyce K. Seaver (b 15 January 1939, m Kenneth Lockwood 1939-2009) whose daughter Kristine is the former wife of my second cousin William John Schiller.

Is this one of your Seavers? Just curious!


PS - Don't feel too bad about your cousin Charles' and the Coronation - I hear he had to cut back and downscale quite a bit on his invitation list (!)