Sunday, April 14, 2024

Add Genea-Musings to to Receive a Daily Email

Quite a few of my thousands of Genea-Musings readers who received an email every day from Feedburner were sorely disappointed that it stopped working in July 2022.  I never found a free service to do that task for thousands of people.  I do not ask my readers for subscriptions, and decided I wouldn't pay hundreds of dollars a year to send an email that many of them would not read. 

I read on Dick Eastman's genealogy newsletter last week about so I decided to try it out.  It works very well!!!  

Here is the Blogtrotter home page:

I input the blog URL (, my email address, and selected "Daily" for the email frequency.  I clicked the orange "FeedMe" button and now receive an email at about 2 p.m. every day with the Genea-Musings blog posts since the last email on the day before.  It works.  It's fast.  It costs nothing.  

The email does have one drawback - it has advertising at the top of the page.  Frankly, that doesn't bother me! Here are some screen shots from the email I received today:

If you want to receive an email with Genea-Musings articles every day (or whenever one is posted - your choice!), go to and input my blog URL (, your own email address, and select your email frequency from the dropdown list.  

Note that there may be multiple Feeds for the selected URL.  Pick one and try it out. 

I have added several "must-see" genealogy blogs to my Blogtrottr email list already and now can keep up with them better.  However, some blogs do not have an RSS feed, and don't show up on Feedly (which I still use for my blog reading every day), so I started a list of those blogs so I can check them occasionally.


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