Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Michael John Neill's Census Contests

One of my nightly genea-blogging stops is Michael John Neill's blog at In addition to his blog, Michael has posted all of his Ancestry articles online at

Two of his web pages are for Census entries for the rich, crazy or famous, at here and here. Check them out for some laughs.

Michael also has contests with tangible prizes for finding specific people in the census records. The Contest page is at His current contests are for Cy Young in 1920, Mae West in 1920, George Burns in 1920, Spencer Tracy in 1920, Bob Hope in 1910, Glenn Miller in 1930, and Hank Williams Sr. I've tried almost all of these, and most of them are really hard!

I just sent my entry for Cy Young in 1920 - I found him today, and will blog about it later. I found Henry Ford in 1920 several weeks ago, but someone else found him first.

Go visit Michael John Neill's web site, read the articles, and try the contests. It really helps if you have an Ancestry subscription, since an Every Name index and being able to use Wild Cards in the names are really useful.

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