Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sharon Elliott's Blog and Web Site

I really enjoy seeing what other researchers and bloggers are doing with their time. One of my favorite blogs is Sharon Elliott's Back-Track blog. The reason I like it is that it solves puzzles and is different from most other genealogy blogs.

Sharon takes somebody in the news with a purported ancestry, and then does a bit of research to prove or dis-prove the alleged ancestry. Invariably, she finds that the published information isn't exactly accurate. She seems to specialize in movie stars, perhaps because they die at such a prodigious rate (BG) and usually have changed their name.

But you haven't scratched the surface of Sharon's online information if all you read is her blog. She has a link on her blog to her genealogy site at

On her site home page, there are links to a "Jump Start" page with Sharon's most useful links for research, and a link to a "Pedigree Puzzles" page. On this page, you can see Sharon's solutions to pedigree problems - one each month up until mid-2005. There are morel inks to other pages, including Sharon's ancestry.

You can also take her 10 question genealogy test here.

This is a very useful and interesting genealogy blog and site. Check it out!

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