Tuesday, July 11, 2006

"The Colonial Gazette"

I've been accused of being a bit light-hearted about genealogy at times, and I gladly plead GUILTY as charged. While spinning around the web tonight I found the "The Colonial Gazette" pages at www.mayflowerfamilies.com/enquirer/. The Gazette is a series of web pages with interesting and humorous material - for instance, on the "Ancient and Curious Wills" page was this tidbit:

Old English Farmer:

It is recorded of an old English farmer, that, in giving instructions for his will, he directed a legacy of one hundred pounds to be given to his widow. Being informed that some distinction was usually made in case the widow married again, he doubled the sum; and when told that this was quite contrary to custom, he said, with heartfelt sympathy for his possible successor, "Aye, but him as gets her'll deserve it."

This, and more, are from a book: Ancient Curious And Famous Wills, Virgil M. Harris, St. Louis Institute of Law, Boston, Little Brown, And Company, 1911. That looks like one I'll have to look for in the used book stores!

The Home for all of this is www.mayflowerfamilies.com, which has links to genealogies and other material on the Mayflower 1620 passengers.

Visit the site and read more - there's lots there for the Mayflower descendant. I enjoyed it.

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