Saturday, December 16, 2006

Genea-Musings is No. 945,511

I finally figured out how to get site rankings at, so I plugged my site in and found out my ranking, among all web sites, is 945,511, with 2 sites linking to it. The ranking is up over 59,000 from three months ago.

My reach (visits per one million users) is 0.85 for the last three months. If there are 91 million users, that's about 77 visitors per day, which matches my stats from Sitemeter pretty well.

For comparison, (Chris Dunham's excellent site) is No. 182,340 of all web sites, and No. 38 for all genealogy web sites, with 56 sites linking to it, and 7.8 visits per million users (about 710 visits per day).

Richard Eastman's site,, is ranked No. 120,260 overall, and No. 25 in genealogy web sites, with 203 sites linking to it, and 15.0 visits per million users (about 1365 visits per day). is the number 1 genealogy site, and No. 1417 overall, with 4143 sites linking to it, and 353 visits per million users (about 32,123 visits per day).

Interesting, eh? It doesn't take many visits to get into the top million web sites. It takes over 50,000 visits to crack the top 1,000 web sites.

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Joe said...

Way more than 2 people are linking to you. Just plop your URL into Yahoo's Site Explorer and you'll see a sea of cool folks linking to you. (Click on "explore URL," then "Inlinks.") Hey, they even love you at And I'm linking to you from right here: Genealogy Blogs and Newsletters. That's like a few gazillion more than 2 :)