Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Della's Journal - Week 3 (January 15-21, 1929)

This is Installment 3 of the Journal of Della (Smith) Carringer, my great-grandmother. The "players" and "setting" are described here. The last week is here.


Tuesday, January 15th: Emily worked. I went to town put $80 back in bank when I got clock. Took paper back [to] Union Title Co. We signed to extend Mortg[age] to West Shores Investm? when due. Showered last night.

Wednesday, January 16th: Ironed. Emily worked. We worked out a little. Write Ruth. Rained in night.

Thursday, January 17th, cloudy: E[mily] worked. I went to town deposited A[ustin]'s Pd. Mrs. Setchel Tel for she is sick. Got statement. Put deed to Ma's place in Safty box. I had it recorded. Wrote Hazel. Went to meeting of the 2nd National Sec Co, they are not paying their Int now. Electing new officers for the new year and will merge with some other companies so to change so they can take mortg[age] on Real Estate. Picture of Mrs. Samples house & letter to Ma.

Friday, January 18th, cloudy: E[mily] home. We stayed in all day. Ma boiled part of ham cooked some prunes Mrs. Jones gave us her son raised. Betty has a piece of the plain that A[ustin] gave her she is going to write about it in school today.

Saturday, January 19th, cold: A[ustin] did not come home on time had to work at plane that was to go with the ? mark east Sun[day].

Sunday, January 20th, showery: Lyle's stayed home, went out after eggs & oranges in afternoon. I did not go out. Mrs. Johns said her sister went to Paradise Valley Sanatorium.

Monday, January 21st, showery & cool: Received West Shores Inv Co check $168.05.

My sense is that this family worked hard and really enjoyed their Sundays off. They almost always went somewhere on Sunday, except this week!

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