Sunday, January 14, 2007

Arrgggh!! A genealogy-free day

So cancel my reservations in Miami for February 4th already. Argghhh!

It's been a very frustrating day for me - my Chargers blew their playoff game with bad hands, bad mouths, bad tackling, and bad coaching. There were too many "ifs" to be counted. New England hung around and made fewer mistakes down the stretch than the Chargers did. The big news here will be if the coach, Marty Schottenheimer, is fired. Most everyone thinks he will - I do too. Too bad, I like Marty. He may go to the Steelers or the Dolphins and not win playoff games for them also.

So now my favorites are Indianapolis and New Orleans to win the conference championships and go to the Super Bowl. I tend to favor teams representing cities whjo have not been to or won the Big One (San Diego went in 1994, but lost). If they get there, I will root for New Orleans because of Drew Brees (former Charger QB) and Reggie Bush (San Diego boy).

The only redeeming feature of this day may be the first two hours of "24." They'd better be good.

I'll try to post some genealogy things tomorrow when I am not as POed or frustrated as I am now. My wife decided to go to church in the 4th quarter...I'm glad she wasn't home to hear my tirade.

My apologies for wasting your time tonight. Please, no gloating...

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Anonymous said...

No gloating from me. I know what it's like to be a frustrated football fan (Cowboys fan). I feel bad for the coach. I know how SD fans must feel but unless they have a definite better solution, they better stick with him. He might have screwed up yesterday and he hasn't yet made it to the big one, but he still has a proven record as a coach and making it to 14-2 this year isn't something that can be ignored. Anyways, good luck next year.