Saturday, March 24, 2007

More Channels at Roots TV

Have you visited Roots Television recently? They have moved their content into 20 distinct "channels" for easier use. Rather than Tabs to move between general topics, there are 20 icons that represent each channel.

There are channels for:

* New and Featured
* Conferences
* Rootstube
* Roots Books

* How-To
* Dearly Departed
* Immigration
* Military
* African Roots

* Ancestors Series
* Roots Living
* Preserving the Past
* Kids
* Irish Roots

* Story Telling
* Jewish Roots
* Family Reunions
* Roots Shopping
* Pay TV

For the money (BG), this is by far the best bargain for online video relative to genealogy and family history. There is also a Program Guide that provides a listing of the available videos - this is very useful - you don't have to search through the different channels to find a particular video. There is also a Search box available on the Program Guide page.

Do you want to be on Roots Television? You can submit a video of your own and be seen all over the world. Information is here.

RootsTV adds new content regularly. The best way to keep track of the new content is to visit the Og Blog regularly, or to sign up for the RootsTV Newsletter.

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Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak said...

Thanks for blogging about our changes, Randy. We've been listening to what folks are saying and working really hard! Hope you found some fun stuff to watch. Take care, Megan