Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Blogging may be light through Saturday

I am on the road again, at my daughter's home through Saturday. They have wireless Internet access, but my laptop wouldn't connect tonight for some reason. My son-in-law is away on business and so I'm on his desktop machine for now.

The problem for me is that all of my genealogy files and web site Favorites are on my laptop and so working on the desktop machine is somewhat limiting. I'm also away from all of my notes and papers at home so I will be limited to what I receive in email or read on the genealogy blogs.

Ah, the price we pay to visit a beautiful and really fun 2-year old granddaughter. She has finally learned how to kiss, she now has a name for me (Baba), and her eyes light up when she sees me ... my heart melts in her presence. Life is good, except I have a sore throat from the weekend with the two grandsons! I can blog a bit after her bedtime or when they are out of the house.

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