Thursday, April 26, 2007

"Genealogy Magazines" blog

A new blog called Genealogy Magazines has been started by Illya D'Addezio, who runs the Genealogy Today data portal.

The blog features lists of articles - title, author, summary - from Family Tree Magazine, Family Chronicle magazine, Everton's Genealogical Helper magazine and Internet Genealogy magazine.

I appreciate the effort here, but would like to see a more complete list - the article lists cover only the feature articles. Often, the regular columns in these magazines have exceptional and helpful leads for genealogy research (see my post from yesterday for some examples).

What other North American subscription genealogy magazines aren't covered here? I can think of Ancestry Magazine and Digital Genealogist. There are other subscription newsletters also.


Anonymous said...

And let's talk about what would REALLY be helpful. I appreciate that the new blog acts as an intermediary to read and highlight all the articles so you don't have to -- or at least you read the articles of interest, knowing that you know what all's out there.

But I'd really like to see each of these mags have a web presence that at minimum consists of a permanent, permalinkable set of TOCs for each issue, with a brief synopsis of the contents-- including the columns, as you say.

Disclaimer: I'm commenting off the cuff here, without having gone to the website for each magazine and seen what they provide.

(Internet Genealogy gets a +1 for listing TOC, but it is only the "current" issue. Considering the youth of the pub, that's okay)

I suppose, then, that the Genealogy Magazines blog provides a service that the pubs themselves aren't providing. (and all in Feed Readable form!) ... which means that there's a business opportunity there, however modest.

shekhar said...

very nice blog