Sunday, August 19, 2007

Best of the Genea-Blogs - 5-18 August

I was away on vacation last week, so I didn't post my "Best of the Genea-Blogs" feature article - so I'll cover the last two weeks in this issue. These are articles that I really enjoyed and/or got excellent research information from. Enjoy!

* Janice Brown at Cow Hampshire has a funny piece - "Genealogy Seminars I'd Like to See" - very creative. The links are to the blogs, not to specific articles with the titles.

* Jasia at Creative Gene has completed her series of articles on City Directories - the last one is here, and has links to all of them. Excellent work, worthy of a magazine article.

* Renee Zamora at Renee's Genealogy Blog has a post about "Videos for New FamilySearch" - this looks like a great way to learn what is coming soon (I hope!)

* Valorie Zimmerman at the Genealogy blog has summarized "Rootsweb and How to Use It." Valorie makes great lists of web sites!

* Becky Wiseman on her Kinexxions blog appears to be the only genea-blogger summarizing her days at the FGS Conference - see FGS Day 1, FGS Day 2, FGS Day 3 and FGS Day 4. Thanks to Becky, I wish I had gone to the conference even more - although it would have been a red-eye from Maui!

* Dick Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter had an article about the LDS/GSU "Records Access Genesis Project" that is one of the top news articles of 2007. Did you read it? If not, you should, since it will really help you understand the future genealogy research environment.

* Michael John Neill on his blog compares information from the RevWar Pension Abstracts with the full file papers in his Virgil White's Revolutionary Abstracts versus post.

* George G. Morgan's article on his Along These Lines blog about "Clues in Property Tax Bills." Excellent work!

* Craig Manson's article on the GeneaBlogie blog titled "Getting Info from the Government: FOIA 101" is very informative and useful.

* Denise Olson on her Family Matters blog tested the WeRelate database and really enjoyed the experience - see her post "WeRelate Update" for details and screen shots. After reading this post, I went and joined and submitted my own database.

That's what I've been reading - and saving. What do you recommend? I must have missed some really great posts - please share your finds!


Jasia said...

Thanks for the link and the compliment, Randy!

Becky Wiseman said...

Thanks for the link Randy. While I'm very glad I went to the conference, I sure would like to get to Hawaii some day!

Janice said...

Welcome back Randy...

I'm still waiting to read your article "Performing Genealogical Research While Wearing A Mask and Snorkel." It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Glad to know you are missing the hurricane.


Craig Manson said...

Thanks for the mention, Randy!