Monday, August 20, 2007

"Making Up History" - the Annie Moore play

Remember the Annie Moore story from a year ago? Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak asked for help, and offered a prize, for genealogists to find what happened to the "real Annie Moore" - the 14 year old girl who was the first person through Ellis Island in 1892. There had been a claim at the 100th anniversary of Ellis Island that the immigrant Annie Moore was a woman who married in the Midwest and lived in Texas - her descendants came to Ellis Island and were feted there. But Megan did some research later, and found that this was not the "real Annie Moore." So the search began, and several genealogy researchers, including bloggers, went on the hunt, and the details of Annie Moore's story came to life through diligent research. Megan presented the story, and introduced descendants of Annie Moore, at a NYGBS presentation in New York City last September.

Well, a script was written and a play was directed by Alia Faith Williams, and it was presented several months ago in Washington DC. Somehow, Megan convinced the writer to let RootsTelevision make a video of the play, and now it is presented, for the world to see, on the Irish Roots channel on RootsTelevision.

There are four video segments to the play "Making Up History: The Search for Annie Moore" - the play runs about 70 minutes. Go to the Irish Roots channel on RootsTelevision and watch the video segments at your leisure (less than 20 minutes each). Note that they are not listed in the proper order - you'll have to put your mouse on the icon and find the part you want. There is also a trailer that shows scenes from the play.

This is a wonderful use of new media in genealogy. The play brings a real genealogy research story to life. I love how the events of the past are woven into the events of the present along with the narrative background. Of course, I want to know if Megan is that dramatic in person as she is portrayed in the play? Any testimonies one way or the other?

OK, will there be a DVD of the best genealogy-related play ever? I hope that there will be. Wouldn't this be a wonderful program for local societies to present at a society meeting?

Thank you, Alia! Thank you, Megan! Thank you, RootsTV!

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Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak said...

Actually, Randy -- Alia toned me down! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

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