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Della's Journal - Week 34 (August 20-26, 1929)

This is Installment 34 of the Journal of Della (Smith) Carringer, my great-grandmother, who resided at 2115 30th Street in San Diego in 1929.

The "players" and "setting" are described here. Pictures of some of the players are here. Last week's Journal entry is here.

Here is Week 34:


Tuesday, August 20 (warm): Emily still working. Mrs. Bowers & Grace called. Grace had her little girl Barbara 2 yrs & 4 mo old, pretty & cute, blue eyes & light curly hair. Grace name is Luten, he is a Dr. Nellie (Wheeler & little girl called Cooper) is 10 yrs 2-1/2 mo old, is her youngest, has three girls, they live in Julian. Ma wrote to Aunt Libbie. Washed table pod (?) & we had the cubbard drawers to clean, the Ants paid us a visit. San Diego girl Mrs. Crossen killed (in the flight from Santa Monica Sim to the East by the women fliers). Monday after noon, did not get her untill today. Austin has a cold. I got 3 cotton blankets for beds, two for 2119 30th St & 1 for 2116 Fern, $1.95 each.

Wednesday, August 21 (warm): Mrs. Auble went to a stork party at Abbie Griffiths. Emily gave a baby dress. The favors were tiny baby dolls on a ribbon. Betty stayed with Ma & I to lunch. I took Ma's shoe to have it half soled & fix heel, cost 85 c. Betty, Lyle & Emily have colds.

Thursday, August 22 (warm): Sold 1st figs 3-1/2 lb. I trimmed acascia tree on N. Took sponge bath. Ma washed out few things in Union (?) today that Mr. Tarvin was burried in Escondido yesterday, died Sun 18, was 82 years old. Lyle home 1/2 day for his cold.

Friday, August 23 (warm): Escondido paper from Florence with Mr. Tarvin's notice in it. I trimmed vine on 2114 [Fern] porch. Ironed. Ma painted. Emily & Betty went to a party. Emily got 1st prize pair of candles, she is working. Miss Thoren paid my Gas & E[lectric] bill for me.

Saturday, August 24 (warm): Ed over, cut lawns, feels the heat. We had several to look at Flats. Jay Johnson the Mediam died yesterday. Washed my bed blanket.

Sunday, August 25 (warm): Lyle's went for a boat ride with Mr Nolan's & Griffiths, got caught on a sand-bar and did not get off for 6 hours. Got home 11:30 P.M. had a nice time, went on the log raft. A[ustin] fixed rod for Ma's curtain.

Monday, August 26 (warm): Ma worked on weeds around roses & paited. I picked figs 10 lb & took Addie W. 5 lb. We have a few, Mrs. Auble & Miss Thoren.


There are so many different names in this week, and I only know about the Nolan's and the Griffiths, and Miss Thoren who rents one of the flats. I'm curious about who Mrs. Crossen, Mrs. Bowers, Grace, Mr. Tarvin and Jay Johnson are. Those names aren't familiar to me.

My mother recalled the boat ride on San Diego Bay where they got stranded on a sand bar - the sand bar is now Shelter Island! She told us about the sting rays under the boat. They had to wait for the tide to lift them off.

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