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Was Daniel Boone an Ancestor of Pat Boone?

I was reading an article about famous entertainers, and saw that Pat Boone has claimed to be a descendant of the famous wilderness explorer and Indian fighter, Daniel Boone. Pat Boone's Wikipedia entry - here - states that:

"Born in Jacksonville, Florida, Pat Boone has said that he is a direct descendant of the American pioneer Daniel Boone.[1] "

That stimulated my curiosity gene, so I decided to find out. No online biography that I found stated the names of Pat Boone's parents, but I figured someone in the Rootsweb WorldConnect database had posted his ancestry. Indeed, a search for "Pat Boone" revealed his parents names were Archie Altman Boone and Margaret Pritchard (not withstanding that Pat Boone is still alive - he's in this database, and probably others!).

Following the links in the WorldConnect data revealed an ancestry for Pat Boone from the famous Daniel Boone (by generation), using several contributed databases to find names, dates and places:

1. Charles Eugene "Pat" Boone -- born 1 June 1934 Jacksonville FL, married Shirley Foley 7 Nov 1953 in Nashville TN.

2. Archie Altman Boone -- born 6 Apr 1906 in FL, died 27 Jan 2000 in Nashville TN, married Margaret Pritchard, born 1910 in FL, died 20 Mar 2000 in Nashville TN.

3. Ernest Eugene Boone -- born Apr 1870 in ID, died 29 Mar 1962 in Nashville TN, married 1892 to Blanche Clanton.

4. Theodore B. Boone -- born 11 Oct 1844 in Kansas City MO, died 2 Nov 1917 in Tulare CA, married 24 Apr 1869 in Brownsville OR to Martha May, born Sep 1853 in IN.

5. Daniel Boone -- born 27 Mar 1809 in St. Charles County MO, married 19 Jan 1832 to Mary Constance Philabert, born 26 Sep 1814 in Maskinonge, Quebec.

6. Daniel Morgan Boone, born 23 Dec 1769 in Rowan County NC, died 13 Jun 1839 in Jackson county MO, married 2 Mar 1800 in St. Louis MO to Sarah Griffin Lewis, born 20 Jan 1786 in Culpepper County VA, died Jun 1850 in Jackson County MO.

7. Daniel Boone -- born 2 Nov 1734 in Berks County PA, died 26 Sep 1820 in St. Charles county MO, married 14 Aug 1756 in Rowan County NC to Rebecca Bryan, born 9 Jan 1738/9, died 18 Mar 1813.

If this line is correct, then Pat Boone IS a descendant of the famous Daniel Boone.

While trying to find more names, dates and places, I searched WorldConnect for most of the purported ancestors of Pat Boone. When I input his claimed grandfather, Ernest Eugene Boone, I got 39 hits (all for the same person) which fell into these groups:

* Ernest Eugene Boone, son of Theodore B. Boone and Martha May, married Blanche Clanton -- there are 16 entries
* Ernest Eugene Boone, son of Theodore B. Boone and Martha Ray, married Blanche Clanton -- there are 8 entries.
* Ernest Eugene Boone, son of Theodore B. Boone and Martha, married Blanch Clanton -- there are 2 entries
* Ernest Eugene Boone, son of Theodore B. Boone and Martha Mauy, no spouse - there is 1 entry.
* Ernest Eugene Boone, son of Theodore W. Boone and Martha Alice Thompson, married Blanch Clanton -- there are 3 entries
* Ernest Eugene Boone, son of Theodore W. Boone and Martha Alice Thompson, married Etta Foy - there are 5 entries
* Ernest Eugene Boone, son of James W. Boone and Blanch Clanton, married to Etta Foy - there are 3 entries.
* Ernest Eugene Boone, no parents listed, no wife listed, - 1 entry.

There are many conflicts in those 39 entries - not the least of which is that there are three potential father's names, four potential mother's names, and two spouse's names for Ernest Eugene Boone.

I decided to search the census records, working backwards from Archie Boone, born in 1906, and Ernest Eugene Boone born around 1870.

* 1930, I can't find an Archie Boone born ca 1906 in FL or TN, or an Ernest Boone, that fits the data. There is an Ernest Boone in Canyon county ID with a wife Edna, but no son Archie boone, and no Archie Boone nearby.

* 1920 -- the family of Ernest E. (age 40, born CA) and Elta (age 40, born KY) Boone had a son Archie, age 13, born in TN, resided in Memphis, Shelby county, TN.

* 1910 -- the family of Ernest E. (age 33, born CA) and Etta (age 22, born KY) Boone had a son Archie (age 4, born TN), resided in Melrose, Curry County, NM.
* 1910 -- the family of Martha (age 56, born TN) resided in Caldwell, Canyon County, ID with several children, but none named Archie (or similar). Theodore W. Boone (age 65, born MO, divorced) resided in Owyhee County ID with no Boone children. A search for other Boone children in Idaho revealed none named Archie.

* 1900 -- Ernest Boone (age 21, born Dec 1878, born CA) resided with his aunt and uncle Wm and Emmi (or Bernice) Robinson, resided in Springfield, Sangamom County, IL.
* 1900 -- the family of Theodore W. (age 55, born Oct 1844 in MO) and Martha (age 46, born Sep 1853 in IN) had a son Ernest D. Boone (age 30, born Apr 1870 in ID), resided in East Caldwell, Canyon County, ID.

* 1880 -- the family of Wm (age 29, born KY) and Blanche (age 24, born KY) Boone had a son Ernest Boone (bage 1, born CA) resided in 7th District, Fresno county, CA.
* 1880 -- the family of Theodore (age 36, born MO) and Martha (age 29, born IN) had a son Earnest Boone (age 10, born ID), resided in Ada County, ID.

I chased these families back to 1850, but it was apparent to me that there were two Ernest Boone's in play here, and one of them had a son Archie and the other did not.

At this time, I checked again the three databases on Rootsweb WorldConnect that said Ernest Eugene Boone's parents were James W. Boone and Blanche Clanton. Almost all of the data in the three databases appear to be from one source - the "Pair Family" database by Elayne Pair Gibbons. An ahnentafel report for Ernest Eugene Boone is at Elayne does not include a son Archie for Ernest Eugene and Etta Lou (Foy) Boone.

However, the "My Family Roots -- ..." database submitted by Craig Snyder references Elayne Gibbons database, and provides an obituary for Ernest Eugene Boone, who died in 1962 in Nashville TN. The obituary is transcribed here, and notes that Ernest's wife was Etta Foy, his son is Archie Boone and his grandson is Pat Boone. This database shows a Living Boone as a child, with 4 Living Boone's as his children.

The third database, titled "Boone, Thompson ..." submitted by Geraldine Ingersoll has no sources and provides the name, birth date, death date and a bit of biography for Archie Altman Boone (see here), gives his wife's name and 4 Living Boone children.

If the data collected by Elayne Pair Gibbons and others is correct, then Pat Boone's patrilineal line is:

1. Charles Eugene "Pat" Boone -- born 1 June 1934 Jacksonville FL, married Shirley Foley 7 Nov 1953 in Nashville TN.

2. Archie Atman Boone -- born 6 Apr 1906 in FL, died 27 Jan 2000 in Nashville TN, married 6 Oct 1932 to Margaret Pritchard, born 1910 in FL, died 20 Mar 2000 in Nashville TN.

3. Ernest Eugene Boone -- born 9 Dec 1878 in CA, died 29 Mar 1962 in Nashville TN, married 25 Dec 1901 in Hickman county KY to Etta Lou Foy, born ca 1880 in KY.

4. William James Boone, born 22 May 1851 in Graves County KY, died 2 May 1904 in Fulton county KY, married before 1875 to Anna Blanche Clanton, born ca 1854 in KY.

5. James Boone, born ca 1810 in TN, died in Graves County KY, married before 1842 to Catherine Latta, born 5 Nov 1813 in Maury County TN, died 22 Nov 1875 in Graves County KY.

6. Bryant Boone, born 15 Dec 1789, died 21 Jan 1837 in Fulton County KY; married Mary, born ca 1788.

7. James Boone (perhaps?) and Mary Hare (perhaps) of Hertford County NC - see Craig Snyder's notes for Bryant Boone's ancestry here.

Even though I don't have a complete set of the sources searched and cited by Elayne Gibbons and Craig Snyder, it is very apparent to me that their research and analysis is probably correct as to Pat Boone's patrilineal ancestry. The databases correlate well to the census data and the obituary for Ernest Eugene Boone. My compliments to Elayne Gibbons for getting it right.

The rest of the databases in the Rootsweb WorldConnect that purport to trace Pat Boone's ancestry back to Daniel Boone are very likely wrong. I notes that the sources cited by some of the erroneous databases were two books:

1. Title: Roots of the Rich and Famous
Author: Robert Davenport
Publication: Dallas, Texas: Taylor Publishing Co., 1998
Repository: Note: Library of Congress, Washington, DC

2. Title: The Boone Family
Author: Hazel Atterbury Spraker
Publication: 1922 (reissued by Genealogical Publishing Company, 1993)Repository: Note: Library of Congress

I have not read these books, so I am not sure that they provide genealogy data from Daniel Boone down to Pat Boone, although I guess that "Roots of the Rich and Famous" probably does.

After about 3 hours of chasing this down using online resources, my conclusion is that:

Pat Boone is NOT a direct descendant of Daniel and Rebecca (Bryan) Boone. However, he may be a relative of Daniel Boone through an earlier Boone ancestor - the records for the correct Boone line don't go back far enough.

Why did I pursue this with such detail and fervor? Read my next post! By the way, this was FUN!


Carole B. (aka: avelyn) said...

In my research of ancestors in Northern Kentucky and Southern Indiana, Boone is a surname that pops up over and over again. I know that his brother, Squire Boone, settled in Harrison Co., In. and the Squire Boone Cavern tour is a popular place to visit.
There are many active Boone family researchers on the web>Daniel Boone Descendents:
Another "Daniel Boone Descendents:
The Boone Society, Inc.:
These are just the first three I came across, I have no doubt there are many more. Every state he ever lived has some kind of homested or battle site. His life wasn't a Disney movie but it certainly was interesting and often tragic.
I'm sure Pat Boone was told while growing up that he was related. How many of us have heard stories about an ancestor by a Grandparent or other family member only to find during research that the family lore is incorrect?
C. Beringer

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! My husband's family claims to be related to Daniel Boone, but I have not been able to prove it. If anything, I've disproven it. Maybe the information you posted (along with avelyn's comment) will help in my research. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't seem to me that Daniel Boone was an ANCESTOR of Pat Boone. However, they probably are cousins. Most of the Kentucky Boones are related, but not necessarily closely related. I am in the same situation. I discovered Daniel Boone to be a cousin. I already knew he wasn't an ancestor, as my ancestors never left North Carolina, although Boone is one of my ancestral surnames. I never expected him to be, and no one told me he was, but he popped up.

Terry said...

I also am a "Daniel Boone cousin". My ancestor James Webb married his father's sister, Mary (and this is directly traceable)
T. Adams, Ky.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Seaver,
Like you, I tried to trace Pat Boone back to Daniel Boone. You obviously put more effort into it than I did, but I did not find the same names that you listed. I have a different person listed for Pat Boone's grandfather. Could I send you the names that I found to compare?
Thanks, Marion

Anonymous said...

Wow... you did out a lot of effort into this!! Daniel Boone is also a cousin if mine... My grandmother told me and my father and aunt use to go around pretending they were Daniel Boone!!!

Unknown said...

My 5th Great Grandfather was Edward Boone, older brother of Daniel Boone, this topic got me interested so I too did some research on the relationship of Pat Boone to Daniel Boone, all my research has either or all records(birth, marriage, census, land)this is what I came up with

Daniel Boone- Rebecca Bryan
Daniel Morgan Boone-12/23/1769
Sarah Griffin Lewis
married 3/2/1800

Daniel Boone-3/27/1809
Mary Constance Philabert
married 1/19/1832

Theodore Warner Boone-10/11/1844
Martha Alice Thompson

Earnest Boone-born Apr. 9th. 1870
Edna Jones
married Sep 20th 1905

Archie Altman Boone-born Apr. 6th. 1906
Margaret V Pritchard
married Aug 6th. 1932

Charles E. Boone (Pat Boone)
Florida State Census, 1867-1945 for the year 1935
A.A. Boone and Margaret Boone and child Charles E. Boone

If this information is correct, then Pat Boone is a 5th Great Grandchild of Daniel Boone, this info I got from the marriage, birth and census records,
just thought I would add my 2 cents worth

Kat said...

I would just like to draw everybody's attention to an article in the (NC) High Country Press discussing Pat Boone's links to North Carolina. It includes an interview with Trish Boone, the wife of Pat's brother Nick, who says she is a "keen family genealogist." But she can't find the documentation back to Daniel Boone because "an old courthouse in Hertford County burned down." (Where have I heard that one before?)

Of particular interest here though is the first reader comment from a Mary Louise Gossum who says she is Pat's second cousin -- their grandfathers were brothers. She says a DNA test has established that they are NOT descendants of Daniel Boone, but are instead descended through the Isle of Wight, VA Boon(e) family. If this is true, it seems pretty definitive that Pat Boone is not descended from Daniel Boone. I suspect that that relationship is very much a part of his identity though and that he will never admit the truth.

Anonymous said...

My fourth great-grandmother is Mary(Boone) Bryan, the sister of Daniel Boone.

St. Blogwen said...

@Terry "I also am a "Daniel Boone cousin". My ancestor James Webb married his father's sister, Mary (and this is directly traceable)
T. Adams, Ky."

Double-check your records. The information I have is that Mary Boone, sister to Daniel's brother Squire and Daniel's aunt, was the wife of John Webb. James was one of their sons, and as best evidence shows, was married to a Mary Matthews. You'd still be a Daniel Boone 1st cousin X-times removed, but through a slightly longer route. And we'd be (distant!) cousins, too, me tracing my lineage through John Webb and Mary Boone's son George.

Phoebe said...

@St. Blogwen Terry is right well partly right it was John Webb that married his father's sister not James. It was Daniel's fathers sister Mary that was married to John Webb so Mary would be Daniel's Aunt. The only thing that Terry had wrong was he said James and it was John.

I have a copy of a book by my great-grand uncle Clayton Webb that confirms his grandfathers name was John Webb.

Anonymous said...

Daniel Boone is my great Uncle,Hannah Boone is my great grandmother

Hanna said...

OK guys..... have traced my husbands dna back to Hannah Boone (D's sister), I'd love to see others ! Want to compare ydna?? My hubbie has always been accused of looking like Pat Boone, the resemblance is amazing, when you view the pic of Daniel Boone the family resemblence is huge. The reason for all this research is because husband here is adopted, great fella , just wanted to get some family roots before we get much older :) Lets hear from you....

Anonymous said...

i've been told all my life we are kin to Daniel Boone, recently my dad passed away, in his paper work is a gen tree, putting us in the 9th generation, so i havent read through it all, but just curious other then the history, is there any claims to being kin, any royalty? lost money,

Joyce said...

I am the 5th grand niece of Daniel Boone, his brother Edward Boone was my 5th great grandfather. Daniel and Edwards wife's were sisters(Bryan) they were related to King and queens. J.m.reed sims

Anonymous said...

I descended from Squire Boone, Jr. Daniel's younger brother. A cousi went to the Mormon archives and traced our lineage.

Unknown said...

I am a direct descendant of Israel Boone, Daniel Boone's brother. There is an excellent book-"Boone: A Biography"-by Robert Morgan that traces, among other things, the migration of the early Boones and Morgans to this country. In addition, G
oogle on Boonecroft to see one of the ancestral Boone homes in PA. If you are a descendant of Israel Boone and would like to share information, I'm at

volarekathy said...

I am a descendant of a brother of Daniel Boone [Samuel Boone (b. 1728) who married Sarah Day], and a sister of Daniel Boone [Mary Boone (b. 1736) who married Capt. William Bryan]. There is a good book about the Boones called "The Boone Family" by Hazel Atterbury Spraker. However, I have noticed that it does have a few errors in it. There is lots of genealogical information on the Boones at

volarekathy said...

Someone was asking about a connection to a royal line. So far, the only royal connection I have been able to find is this. If you are descended from Mary Boone who married William BRYAN, there is a royal connection through her husband: the Bryan line. The following is greatly shortened, but it goes: Bryan - Bourchier - Anne Plantagenet - Thomas of Woodstock Plantagenet - Edward III Plantagenet, King of England.

By the way, the Bryan side is related to the famous William Jennings Bryan, a Congressman who also ran for president and who was a great defender of the Christian faith.

Mary Boone (sister of Daniel) is my 10th GG. Edward III is my 17th GG through the Bryan line.

Sarah A. Bryan Bradley married H M Gibson
Sarah Anne Bryan Bradley was daughter of Sarah Bryan Grimes & Terry J. Bradley, Sr
Sarah Bryan Grimes mar. Terry Joseph Bradley, Sr
Sarah Bryan Grimes was the daughter of James Grimes and Sarah (Sallie) Bryan.
Sarah (Sallie) Bryan was the daughter of Mary Boone and William Bryan.
William Bryan was the son of Morgan Bryan.
Morgan Bryan was the son of Sir Francis Bryan III.
William Smith Bryan
Sir Francis Bryan II
Sir Francis Bryan I, 1490 - 1550 (wore eyepatch)
and so on.
When you get to Sir Francis Bryan I, - not such a good guy, but that is not our fault. A friend of Henry VIII. I guess in any genealogy, you will find people you are not proud of. But Sir Francis Bryan I does trace his genealogy back to royalty, through his mother's side (Lady Margaret Bourchier). Also, she was governess to Henry VIII's children.

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Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

frontier Daniel Boone is my 8x great grandfather.
I was wonder about Clyde Randall (goes by randy) Boone nephew of pat Boone
from My research Daniel Boone had no son earnest.
randy i don't know how we are related but Anne Mae Burks is my great grandma

Unknown said...

I to am a cousin to Daniel Boone. Actually a double cousin as it were. Mary Boone Squires Sister was my GGGGGgrandmother and one of Mary and John Webbs descendants Isaiah Webb married Savilla Boone who was an descendant of Samuel Boone.. Mary and Squires Brother:))

Alan said...

My grandmother's uncle, Milton Brooks Scott, was a member of the Association of Descendants of Daniel Boone. I was skeptical in part because his wife, Ora Hilling, was supposed to be a descendant of Betsy Ross. I have yet to confirm the Betsy Ross connection, but I have discovered that the link to Daniel Boone is real. He is my 6x great uncle. I traced back from Squire Maugridge Boone and his mother was Mary Milton Maugridge, married to George Boone III. Her mother was Mary Milton, married to John Maugridge. Mary Milton was the daughter of Mary Powell, married to John Milton, the author of Paradise Lost.

Unknown said...


Fascinating question, im a relative Daniel Boone, im from Sarah Boone, DNA my aunt Mary Russell passed, so im related also, and my grandfather Arnold Edwin Love clicks all way online somebody else put there related to Sarah Boone making Daniel Boone like an uncle.
Sarah Morgan mom Daniel Boone, Sarah Boone, Samuel Boone, etc, is related to Kings and Queens of Wales and Ireland, including Prince of Wales, Cormach mac Urb, King of Ireland, Magog, Adam, God, Jesus, Mary Magdeline, House of Anjou, House of Flanders, William the Conqueror, Charlemagne 1 -3rd, House of Anpinn, Malcolm 3rd, Scota, Alexander the great, Cleopatra 1st of Egypt, Ptolemy, Magnus Maximus of Rome, Roman Duke last, Saints, Saint Kings, Queens, princes, princesses, and a lot more, whole of Britain, Denmark, all Vikings, etc.

Unknown said...

103 BCE Sarah Morgan line extendeds fascinating journey, related to the Tudors, through the North Chamberlain of Wales, Llewellyn the Great, King Edward 1st, Daniel Boone is a direct descendant King Edward the 1st so are us all!

Unknown said...

my name is John Love (1982)

B. Erica. Boone, Santa Ana, CA said...

Responding to “Kat said”....
My dad did DNA testing in 2010 and Daniel is my 8th generation uncle (we are direct to his brother Squire). Anyway, the report at the time from the testing lab in Dallas, Tx said we are not related to actor Pat Boone, but are related to actor Richard Boone. My aunt has since passed away and we are desperately looking for that report.

Thank you all for your input on this post! Very very helpful.

R.W. Merrifield said...

Richard W. Merrifield, Hampstead, NC

Hello cuz. Like you I am not a directly related to Daniel but I am in direct lineage to his sister Rachel Boone who married my three times great-grandfather Alexander Hamilton Merrifield who were the parents of Col. Fielding Merrifield (credited with the development of the American Saddlebred) who was the father of Lt. William Jefferson Merrifield who served under Col. Fannin in the Texas Revolution and was murdered by Santa Anna's men at Goliad, Texas after Fannin surrendered his entire command without firing a shot.

Samuel and John Merrifield are credited with the founding of Dallas. They were William's brothers.

Thanks for the update on Richard Boone.

volarekathy said...

Appreciate your ancestor's contribution to the independence of Texas in 1836 and sorry he was with the ill-fated soldiers under Col. James Fannin at Goliad. Gen. Urrea was not planning to kill the Texians, but Santa Anna sent orders for them to be executed. Only a handful survived, by escaping into the woods by a creek during the execution. Hope Texas continues to be part of the United States and not taken back by Mexico.

As a former owner of Quarter Horses, I was interested in your ancestor, Col. Fielding Merrifield who developed the American Saddlebred Horses.

Unknown said...

The reply on September 21, 2019 at 12:26 pm saying I'm not sure if I'm doing this in the right place I wanted to sign my name incase someone needs my family name to check anything, Elizabeth Marie (Hall) Stebelton. I also thought it interesting my dad's name was William Jennings Bryant Hall.

Unknown said...

How damned old are you. I'm 67 and Daniel is my 5th great uncle.

Unknown said...

Daniel IS my 5th great uncle. My grandfather was Lee no one his father James Fletcher his father Jesse his father George his father Edward which was Daniels brother

Unknown said...

I'm making a correction to the above message. My grandfather's name was lewboone I should have proofread the first post

Unknown said...

I too am a descendant of the Boone family. Edward Morgan Boone (1740-1780), Daniel Boone's brother, is my 6th GG. Edward was killed during the Revolutionary War by Native Americans (likely Cherokee) allied with the British.
The Boone line also goes back to royalty, through the Norman line of de Bohun, the ancestral name for Boone.

Unknown said...

I too am the granddaughter of Edward Neddy Boone. He is my 5th great grandfather

Mike66604 said...

I would be interested in more information about the Webb family that were related to Daniel Boone. My grandfather Floyd Webb used to claim he was a relative of Boone, but then he also claimed to be related to Loretta Lynn (Webb)

Anonymous said...

Archie Altman Boone, Pat Boone’s father, is my 11th cousin.

Daniel Boone is the husband of my 8th cousin, 5 times removed (Rebecca Ann Bryan) and it is possible that the 2 Boone men could have been cousins.

Craig Snyder said...

Daniel Boone is my 5th great grandfather. I descend through his youngest son, Nathan Boone. I, too, heard my mom say that I was a descendant for years but couldn't quite figure out the exact linage until the early 2000’s. See an excerpt from my mom’s high school essay telling the story and you can see where the search began for me -

Vicky said...

American Boone family are descendants of Humphrey De Bohun who had Davidic roots. The name was changed to Boone. This explains why Pat Boone loves Israel and the Jewish faith. Squire Boone Daniel Boone's father and mother were Quakers. George Fox started the Quakers. His mother was a Sephardic Jew. Squire Boone was friends with Mordecai Lincoln, Lincoln's father. Mordecai is a Jewish name. Moredecai and Squire were kicked out of the Quaker church in Oley Valley, Pennsylvania because their daughters married outside the church. They moved to Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.

DueDiligence said...

Daniel Boone is my 1st Cousin, 7 times removed. Or to put it another way, Daniel Boone's paternal Grandfather is my 7th Great-Grandfather. I had heard of the Pat Boone relationship but have never been able to trace it one way or the other. The problem is due to incomplete records. After Pat's 3rd Great Grandfather, Bryant, there do not appear to be records clearly identifying exactly who his 4th Great Grandfather is.

Robin Caldwell said...

I had to add my info as well regarding Daniel. The famous Nancy Hart (My 5th great Grandma) was a cousin of Daniel Boone, who's mother was Sarah Morgan. (Sister of her father, Thomas Morgan )Nancy & Daniel played together growing up. So Daniel Boone is our cousin, 5th removed! Here's more~ We also have famous war General and two Senators, in our family tree!

Robin Caldwell said...

The famous Patriot Nancy Hart was my 5th great grandma, who was a first cousin to Daniel Boone, who's mother was Sarah Morgan. (Sister of her father, Thomas Morgan )They played together growing up. So Daniel Boone is our cousin, 5th removed! Here's more~ We also have famous war General and two Senators, in our family tree!

Unknown said...

Daniel Boone is my 6x Great Grandpa, Jacob Boone had a daughter Annah Boone who married Capt. Thomas Nicholson ,the Ross name shows up in our family alot, my dad's middle name was Ross. His Name is Robert Ross Nicholson Born 1917 died 1999. Most of our family lived in Maysville ky.