Monday, August 27, 2007 is Updated (Finally) has just announced, via their latest email newsletter, that the interactive genealogy database has been significantly upgraded.

The announcement includes:

"On August 31, users will be able to upload their family tree, their GEDCOM, and much more. Once your GEDCOM uploads, you can view the surnames in your tree and the number of individuals who have that surname.

"Want to connect with other genealogists? Type in the surname you are searching on the site and immediately receive access to all other genealogists who are researching the same surname. You can also narrow your search to the people you want to find by distance, country, county, state, city, zip code, online status, experience, age, and more.

"Have you hit a brick wall with your research? Don’t worry. Simply type in the name of the individual for whom you are searching. This name will be posted at and other individuals on may be able to assist you with tearing down that wall.

"Researching a particular place? After typing in the research location, search results display a city page using geo-coded technology that displays all the individuals who live within up to 100 miles from the research location. The search result also displays those who are researching the same location.

"Using’s Free Family Tree Viewer, you can:
* Quickly view pedigree files
* Calculate the relationship between two individuals within their pedigree chart
* Easily view vital information on an individual, such as birth, marriage, or death dates
* Switch to ancestor or descendant view
* Add or view photos, documents, videos, albums, recordings, etc."

Well! That is a major upgrade to a web site that has had the potential for being very useful "if only they improved it by adding ..." They have. I'm glad. I will test it out soon! FamilyLink will certainly be a competitor to similar genealogy networking sites like WeRelate, MyHeritage, Geni and several others.

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