Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Name Game, er, Meme

Terry Thornton at the Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi blog has challenged the genea-bloggers to play with this Name Meme - you create names for different types of public personas. See his post for the directions, and then post your names either in his Comments or on your own blog.

My names are:

1. "Rootie Toot Toot Chevrolet" is my ROCK STAR NAME

2. "Rocky Road Chocolate Chip" is my GANGSTA NAME

3. "R Sea" is my "FLY" NAME

4. "Red Cheetah" is my DETECTIVE NAME

5. "SeaRa" is my STAR WARS NAME

6. "The Green Screwdriver" is my SUPERHERO NAME

7. "Frederick Lyle" is my NASCAR DRIVER NAME

8. "de la Torre Denver" is my TV WEATHER ANCHOR NAME

9. "Valentine Poinsettia" is my SPY NAME

10. "Tomato Shorty" is my CARTOON NAME

11. "Rice Krispies Jacaranda" is my HIPPY NAME

12. "The Genealogy Rain Tour" is my ROCK STAR TOUR NAME

13. "Jeffrey Chula Vista" is my SOAP OPERA NAME

14. "Virginia Walton" is my WITNESS PROTECTION NAME

Let's see, the Name Game was:

Virginia, Virginia, bo Birginia,
Bonana fanna fo Firginia.
Fee fy mo Mirginia,

Let's try the first one --

Rootie Rootie bo Bootie,
Bonanana fanna fo Footie,
Fee fy mo Mootie,

I guess now I should come up with genealogies and family histories for each of these public personas, especially the last one. Or write a fiction book that includes each of these names, along with those of my wife and daughters and grandchildren. Or I could start a blog for each of them and really waste my time every day. Um - probably too much work!

1 comment:

Terry Thornton said...

Thanks, de la Torre Denver, for such a generous forecast! Now that is a name I could trust in a weather forecaster! [Somehow I think an intro such as "And now our Weather Anchor, de la Torre Denver, will predict tomorrow's weather" has such a ring of validity that I think you'll do well in the weather business.]

Thanks for all those names!