Monday, December 3, 2007

What Genealogy Reference Books should you own?

George G. Morgan answered that question in his column on the 24/7 Family History Circle blog. It is an excellent list. I have some of them, and have read the others at the library.

However, I would add a number of books to this list:

* Ancestry's Concise Genealogical Dictionary, compiled by Maurine & Glen Harris.

* Genealogical Proof Standard: Building a Solid Case, by Christine Rose.

* Producing a Quality Family History by Patricia Law Hatcher.

Of course, everybody's tastes vary, but these are indispensable to me.

What other genealogy and family history reference books are indispensable to you?

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Lori Thornton said...

I agree with you on Christine Rose's book's inclusion in a list of essentials. I recommend it along with Evidence! to a lot of folks who are new to analyzing evidence and creating proof arguments.

I really think a lot of my other essential choices that weren't on George's list are driven by who my ancestors were and where they lived.