Friday, June 6, 2008

Genea-Musings top posts - by page views

I started using Google Analytics back in January to help me track what posts are most popular. I look at the statistics occasionally, and I thought that I would post once in awhile about them.

Unfortunately, Google Analytics provides data for only the last month of data (I can't figure out how to get more - any help?). So, for the last 31 days, here are the posts (other than the main page or any archived page) that were most popular (which means someone clicked on the specific post from a search engine or a link somewhere on the web, in a feed, or an email):

1. World Records for Number of Children (21 July 2006) -- 619 page views (several days had more than 100 views)

2. Genealogy Software Reviews (2 January 2008) - 106 page views

3. Make Your Own Gravestone (29 July 2007) -- 80 page views

4. John Tyler's Grandson is Still Alive (20 February 2007) -- 58 page views

5. Another "Family History is Really Bunk" Article (8 May 2008) -- 58 page views

6. 2006 Genealogy Software Review (27 October 2006) -- 56 page views

7. LDS RecordSearch Databases (6 May 2008) -- 56 page views

8. Working with Family Tree Builder 2.0 - Post 1 (2 June 2008) -- 53 page views

9. The "Magic if Genealogy" Moment - a "Genea-Gasm" (12 May 2008) -- 46 page views

10. Best of the Genea-Blogs - May 11-17, 2008 (18 May 2008) -- 43 page views

The #1 post about the world record for number of children has been the most popular post ever since it was posted. And probably will be forever, unless I find something else that the masses search for in a moment of wonder.

I was curious to see if anybody else had used the word "geneagasm" or "genea-gasm" on a blog or a web page, and it looks like it is unique to my blogs. Cool. Maybe I should add it to Wikipedia or Eastman's Encyclopedia of Genealogy wiki.

Overall, Genea-Musings had 5,897 visitors (3,396 unique visitors) and 9,458 page views during this 31 day period. The daily visits and page views are down significantly (perhaps by 40% or more) since I switched the URL in mid-May from to I think that many of my visitors before the URL change were random clicks on Blogger. Either that, or I've turned off a significant number of readers!

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John said...

When you are at the Dashboard, you can click on the date in the upper right of the screen. You will see some date range boxes you can change, and then click on Apply.