Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tom Kemp's Genealogy History and GenealogyBank primer

Tom Kemp spoke to the New York City APG Chapter about GenealogyBank and he threw in some genealogy history for good measure. You can read his post here about the APG chapter visit and here about his talk.

You could click on the "GenealogyBank: The Tour" presentation and see his 47 slides right there on his blog. But if you click on this link for GenealogyBank: The Tour - Resources You'll Find Nowhere Else! (which is just below the screen on Tom's blog), you can see the presentation in larger and more readable screens.

Tom describes the history of genealogy research with many slides, and they are interesting even without hearing the narration. Then he covers GenealogyBank and dazzles the crowd. My favorite slide has to be #34! I can imagine the hoots and chuckles when that one flashed up there. Go watch the whole thing.

Good stuff. Thanks, Tom for the history lesson and the GenBank review. And the chuckle.

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