Wednesday, February 18, 2009

GenealogyBank adds new Search features

Tom Kemp of provided an email with a PowerPoint presentation attached about the changes on the GenealogyBank site that were announced today. The changes include:

1. Limit search to most recently added content
2. Search multiple states at once
3. Search multiple cities (Click on a state and you'll see the list of cities)
4. Search multiple titles (Click on the cities and you'll see the list of newspapers)
5. Narrow search by article types (look on the left column once you've done a search)

Each of these Search options is valuable to the genealogy researcher - it's difficult to search through many matches for common names and places. I often want to do each of these options - and am daunted by hundreds or thousands of matches.

The PowerPoint presentation provides step-by-step instructions on how to perform these enhanced searches.

Here are some screen shots of the revised GenealogyBank pages for Historical Newspapers. The home page:

The bottom of the home page:

Clicking on Historical Newspapers, you get this page with a map and list of states:

Clicking on a State, you get this page (I picked California):

I picked San Francisco and can see the specific newspapers available:

I would show some results of a search, but I don't have a GenealogyBank subscription.

I hope that Tom will put the PowerPoint presentation on the GenealogyBank web pages so that potential users can see how easy it is to use the new features.
UPDATE: 3 p.m. - Tom Kemp has posted more explanations of each point and the slide show on his blog - see Thanks, Tom!

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