Monday, February 16, 2009

Answers to MyHeritage questions

I posted MyHeritage Goes Commercial in January after the three subscription plans were announced. Lester made a comment in thatp ost and asked osme questions about MyHeritage that I could not answer, so I asked Lester if I could forward his questions to MyHeritage. He agreed, and I did, and we got an email response last week. Daniel Horowitz of MyHeritage asked me to post the answers on my blog, so here are Lester's questions and Daniel's answers:

1) I'm having trouble generating a chart on MyHeritage. The PDF that is generated comes out blank. This started after I was using MyHeritage for some time. In the beginning I was able to generate PDF tree charts and now all I get is the blank PDFs.

Response: Unfortunately, there is a bug in the chart generating system which we are working to fix. This is the reason you are unable to generate charts from your family site. You can, however, create the exact same charts in Family Tree Builder, MyHeritage's down loadable genealogy software. As you mention trying to do this in question three, I've explained how to move your tree from your site into Family Tree Builder below.

2) I paid to update my MyHeritage to Premium. I was debited the amount on my credit card, but I don't know anything else about my payment. How long does my subscription run? What does it offer? Who do I contact for information. Will an attempt be made to charge my account after the yearly subscription period for another year?

Response: You can check to make sure the upgrade was properly applied by visiting your family site and clicking on Settings > Site Account. This page shows the subscription plan your family site is currently on, the amount of time left on your subscription as well as how much of your storage quota has been used. You can also renew your subscription on this page. Family site subscriptions are not automatically renewed. At the time your subscription expires or you've exceeded your site quota, we'll remind you. For your peace of mind, we never destroy your information or block access to your account when a subscription is expired or quota exceeded.

3) I started a free Family Tree Builder account with a family tree because that was the only way I could generate a family tree chart. But I have done all my updating in MyHeritage (where I can't generate charts) so how do I get my information from my MyHeritage account to my Family Tree Builder account. I can generate a Gedcom from FTB but not from MyHeritage. Am I missing something? Is it really impossible to generate a Gedcom FROM MyHeritage?

Response: There is an Export Gedcom function located on the Family Tree Manage Trees page of your family site. You can use this function to create a gedcom file of your tree and then import it into Family Tree Builder in order to create your charts. Keep in mind that photos will not be included with the gedcom export. They will have to be manually replaced. We are working on an option that will allow you to export your family tree together with the photos as we know that this is a very important feature for MyHeritage members...

I thank Daniel Horowitz of MyHeritage for quickly responding to Lester's questions. I really appreciate it when companies provide excellent customer service.

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Anonymous said...

From 2009 Jan 2 to 2009 Feb 16 is more than six weeks. More than six weeks for three simple answers to basic questions about their offerings.
These are first line helpdesk questions that should be answered in minutes.

Guess I will have to wait even longer for answers to my somewhat more technical questions :-(

These long turnaround times are not good PR.