Friday, February 20, 2009

The Wizard of Id Nails It

Did you see the Wizard of Id's cartoon strip for 20 February 2009?

Check it out at

Note that the link above to the 2/20/09 cartoon works only on 20 February 2009. To find it on a later date, you have to request the date.

It looks like the King is going to get his money's worth! It sound like a non-paternity event lurks in his family history. Now if we just knew the time frame here, we could assess the inflation factor for doing a royal genealogy.

This went directly to my "Funnies" directory and will go into my "Genealogy Is Fun" presentation quickly!

I saw it in the San Diego Union-Tribune this morning, but Tom Kemp provided a link to it on the APG mailing list. Thank you, Tom!


theKiwi said...

should always retrieve that particular one, at least until they delete it

Anonymous said...

The Wizard of hIDe?