Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday - Richmond in Putnam CT

The Richmond stone in Grove Street Cemetery in Putnam, Windham County, Connecticut marks the resting place of a number of my ancestors.

On the side of the stone above, the following are memorialized:
* Thomas Richmond (1848-1917), my great-grandfather
* Juliet (White) Richmond (1847-1913), my great-grandmother
* Frederic J. Richmond (1870-1875), their first son
On the other side of the stone, for which I don't have a photograph, are:
* James Richmond (1821-1912), my great-great-grandfather
* Hannah (Rich) Richmond (1825-1911), my great-great-grandmother
James and Hannah (Rich) Richman emigrated from Wiltshire, England in 1856 with several of their young children, including my great-grandfather, Thomas Richman. The family changed their surname from Richman to Richmond sometime after they came to America. Thomas and Julia (White) Richmond were the parents of my grandmother, Alma Bessie (Richmond) Seaver (1882-1962).
I guess I'll have to go back and get a photograph of the "back side." Maybe I will find a photograph in my 1990 photo album - I just thought of that - I need to check it out and save a trip! But....I really want to go back to New England sometime soon.

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