Friday, February 13, 2009

More Tests of Family Tree Maker 2009

Hugh Watkins, on his GENEALOGE blog, post titled FTM 2009 provided a link to Arnie Krause's web page titled FTM 2009 - A comparison.

Arnie put FTM 2009 through a series of tests, and compared the results to FTM 16, FTM 2008 and Legacy 7. The comparisons are interesting to me, and probably to others as well. I suggest that interested readers check out Arnie's article.

I checked out the other parts of the Arnie Krause Genealogy Home Page web site and there are many interesting and useful pages there. He has done a nice job of putting together a site for his Krause ancestry and much more. The items that caught my eye included:

* Searching Your Roots - a "how-to" primer for beginning researchers.
* Family Tree Maker Genealogy Program - more reviews of FTM versions
* DNA Genealogy - with emphasis on the Krause studies
* PDF Books and documents - a list of Arnie's eBooks, many of them require a password for access.

I had a fun time looking for goodies on Arnie's site. What a great example of sharing genealogy research with extended family members and other researchers. Thanks, Hugh and Arnie, for brightening my evening reading.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see others do measurements and comparisons. Annie even notices an empty log file after a failed import, remarks upon processor usage and file size - and compatibility. The FTM 2008 review is quite critical too.
These are not definitely not rewritten press releases so many others posts, but real, hands-on reviews.

Familytreeservice said...

How has Arnie got 162000 individuals in his database??? I research genealogy for a living and I don't have that many!!

Anonymous said...

Databases of more than 100.000 individuals are not uncommon.
Mine is larger, and I have a copy of a database with some 750.000 individuals in it.

Sadly, programs that handle this smoothly are. That is why I use such a database for my tests and am happy to see others doing the same.
You need to know about this. Your database is not getting smaller.

P.S. apologies to Arnie for misspelling his name.