Monday, February 9, 2009

Have you upgraded your GenSmarts lately?

I subscribe to the GenSmarts newsletter, which is issued sporadically by the creators, Underwood Continuum, LLC. The newsletter can be subscribed to by emailing

The newsletter noted that:

"This past week, we released new free updates to both Version 1 and Version 2. The latest releases are for Version 1 and for Version 2. During the past several months, we've made the following major changes, which were included in this update:

1) Added support for FTM 2008 & FTM 2009 (GS Version 2 only)

2) Added support for RootsMagic 4 (GS Version 2 only)

3) Added support for the 1911 census

4) Added many more suggestions

5) Added support for the Mid-Continent Public library

6) Added support for TMG's primary birth/death tags (GS Version 2 only)

7) The usual assortment of minor bugs and tweaks

As usual, you can use to update if GenSmarts itself doesn't notify you at start up of the update."

What is GenSmarts? Check out the FAQ here. If you want a genealogy program that creates a list of possible genealogy databases from many genealogy web sites, you might consider You can buy it at You may be able to obtain it through a genealogy software program purchase - I got my version 1 originally bundled with Family Tree Maker 2005 (I think).

When I clicked on my GenSmarts 1 icon on my desktop, my software was updated with Version, not Version 63 for some reason. I'm not complaining. I had a good time browsing through the program again, and will do some evaluation of the program in later posts.

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