Wednesday, August 26, 2009

JMK Genealogy Gifts: Dating Tips for Genealogists

I love the humor of Jimmy Kavanagh on the JMK Genealogy Gifts web site, and have bought several of his products before.

His latest "fun" product is "Dating Tips for Genealogists" - you can get it on T-shirts, coffee mugs, mousemats, coasters, etc.

Great one! This may be fodder for a SNGF in the near future! Hmm, I wonder if he asked Pat and Gordon for some tips?

Thank you, Jimmy, for the morning laugh!

If you want some genealogy oriented T-shirts or other products, Jimmy's JMK Genealogy Gifts is a good place to start. I love wearing my T-shirts and getting, um, stares at them! [Hey, that's just one of them...]

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Anonymous said...

Here's a honeymoon tip for genealogists: Don't take your bride to a genealogy conference for the honeymoon.

(I made that mistake.)

Chad Milliner